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April 10th, 2009

The Philosophy of Mike Gronstal

gronstalThis past Monday, Senator Paul McKinley, the Republican Leader in the State Senate, asked Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal if he would allow his collogues in the Senate to vote on a measure that would let the people of Iowa decide if they want gay marriage in or not.

By now, you have undoubtedly heard that Gronstal’s answer was a resounding no, but his answer to Senator McKinley provided an unfiltered view on what Gronstal really thinks about the people of Iowa. Gronstal doesn’t care about the will of the people.

When it comes to a massive $750 million plan that will plunge the state into debt, Gronstal doesn’t care that 71% of the people oppose it. The only thing that matters is what he thinks.

When it comes it comes to the redefinition of marriage due to a court opinion, Gronstal doesn’t care what Iowans think about marriage. He even refuses to let his collogues in the Senate weigh in on the issue. The only thing that matters is what he thinks.

Some Iowans are probably wondering why an arrogant State Senator from Council Bluffs has so much power. As a State Senator, Gronstal represents 60,000 people, yet he alone decided whether the marriage amendment was worthy of consideration, and his decision was final.

So, where did Gronstal get all of his power? He got it from us.

So many Republicans go around saying that Gronstal is the REAL Governor of Iowa, and I’m guilty of this myself. Sure, it’s an insult to Governor Culver, but for years now, we have inflated Gronstal’s ego to a point where he now believes all of the hype.

A few days ago he laughed in the face of Rep. Kent Sorenson when asked if he would let the legislature vote on a marriage amendment. Just yesterday, he called Congressman King a “chicken” and said that Chet Culver would “kick his butt” if King ran for Governor.

Is this really how Iowans want their leaders in Iowa to act? Is it not hypocritical for Senator Gronstal to pass a bullying bill, but go around bullying people himself? I, for one, am sick and tired of being preached at by Senator Gronstal.

For all of Gronstal’s grandstanding and obnoxious behavior, I want to know why he is afraid to let his fellow Senators vote on the marriage amendment? There are 32 Democrats and just 18 Republicans in the Senate. What is he afraid of? Is he afraid that the marriage amendment will pass? Or would a vote on the marriage amendment expose the fact that Senator Gronstal doesn’t have as much control of his members as we think he does.

For all of Gronstal’s bark, I think he is a weak man who resorts to yelling at people, laughing in people’s faces, and name calling. Gronstal is Iowa’s own version Kim Jong Il; he suppresses the will of the people, he manipulates the members of his own caucus, and talks a good game but fails to deliver.

If Senator Gronstal feels that gay marriage is the civil rights issue of our time, why doesn’t he advance legislation in support of it?

If gay marriage is the civil rights issue of our time, shouldn’t Gronstal feel led to put the amendment up for a vote in the Senate? If the amendment is defeated, he wouldn’t have to deal with it next year.

The truth is that Senator Gronstal knows that he couldn’t defeat a straight up and down vote on the marriage amendment or even get a bill legislating gay marriage out of committee. He knows that if a vote would be allowed to happen he would be embarrassed just like Kim Jong Il was when his rocket fell in the Pacific ocean.

It doesn’t matter if you run in to the bully on the play ground, Iowa Senate Chamber, or in North Korea, all you have to do punch him in the nose and watch him run home. So come on Senator Gronstal, what the heck are you so scared of? Why are you afraid to put the marriage amendment up for a vote?

You are a weak and pathetic man who knows that the only way you can hold on to your power is to suppress the will of the people.

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Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson is the founder and editor-in-chief of, a political news and commentary site he launched in March of 2009. Robinson’s political analysis is respected across party lines, which has allowed him to build a good rapport with journalist across the country. Robinson has also been featured on Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Press, ABC’s This Week, and other local television and radio programs. Campaign’s & Elections Magazine recognized Robinson as one of the top influencers of the 2012 Iowa Caucuses. A 2013 Politico article sited Robinson and as the “premier example” of Republican operatives across the country starting up their own political news sites. His website has been repeatedly praised as the best political blog in Iowa by the Washington Post, and in January of 2015, Politico included him on the list of local reporters that matter in the early presidential states. Robinson got his first taste of Iowa politics in 1999 while serving as Steve Forbes’ southeast Iowa field coordinator where he was responsible for organizing 27 Iowa counties. In 2007, Robinson served as the Political Director of the Republican Party of Iowa where he was responsible for organizing the 2007 Iowa Straw Poll and the 2008 First-in-the-Nation Iowa Caucuses. Following the caucuses, he created his own political news and commentary site, Robinson is also the President of Global Intermediate, a national mail and political communications firm with offices in West Des Moines, Iowa, and Washington, D.C. Robinson utilizes his fundraising and communications background to service Global’s growing client roster with digital and print marketing. Robinson is a native of Goose Lake, Iowa, and a 1999 graduate of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, where he earned degrees in history and political science. Robinson lives in Ankeny, Iowa, with his wife, Amanda, and son, Luke. He is an active member of the Lutheran Church of Hope.

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