September 30th, 2009

The Obama Olympics, Roberts Misses the Mark, IDP Loves Tainted Money

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Obama: Still a just a Community Organizer at Heart

Obama OlympicsPresident Obama is traveling to Copenhagen later this week to aide in his hometown of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 summer Olympics. Now, I’m pro-Olympics and think it would be cool to see them in Chicago, but I find it odd that the President himself needs to make the pitch.

I know other foreign leaders attend these things and make the pitch for their country, but the United States has never felt the need to do this before. So, either President Obama has a hard-on for the Chicago Olympics and is pushing aside other important issues like the economy, Afghanistan, and Iranian nukes, or this is just another example of him being a media whore.

Now that Obama will be taking Air Force on to Copenhagen, I wonder if all his Chicago cronies are going to come along for the ride, all at the expense of the taxpayers. This also sets a terrible precedent. Will future presidents be expected to stop and help every American city that is vying to host the Olympics?

Rod Roberts: Where the heck is Chet Culver? Campaigning Rod!

roddyI’ll admit, I was a little excited when Rod Roberts’ press release on filmgate came across my desk. Finnaly I thought someone was going to call Culver out for campaigning for re-election during the latest tax scandal. Unfortunately, Roberts used 553 words to say that he was disappointed that Culver didn’t take any personal responsibility for the ordeal.

Come on guys, reporters form Des Moines had to drive to Cedar Rapids to get the Governor’s response to the IDED scandal. Culver has been holding press conferences about the floods of 2008 and riding the train in southeast Iowa trying to rally support for increased train travel. Culver knows that if he loses to a GOP candidate in eastern Iowa, he’s toast. So very quietly, he has been campaigning over there.

The Register also reports that he’s found time to fundraise during the scandal.

“Fundraising has not been a weakness for Culver, who raised more than $7.6 million for his 2006 campaign. He is among the politicians who enjoy it, and he has been at his campaign office this month for hours on end, making calls to key contributors, associates say.”

Maybe Roberts should have taken a more harsh tone with Culver. Instead of saying that you are disappointed, say you are OUTRAGED that Culver has the time to spend hours on end making fundraising calls, but didn’t have the time to hold a press conference on the IDED scandal.

That’s news. That’s what the GOP candidates should be out there saying to the media. I mean, Culver attended the Bruce Springsteen concert the day after the IDED scandal broke. Come on, he’s giving us a lot of material for us to use and we fail to do anything with it.

IDP Loves There Tainted Money…

Kiernan250Not only did the Iowa Democratic Party take $11,250 ($10k to their state account, $1,150 to their federal account) in contributions from Phyllis and Marla Stevens, they also took $5000 form Hassan Nemazee in the last election cycle. Hassan Nemazee was arrested last month and indicted by a grand jury for defrauding Citigroup Inc., HSBC Holdings Plc and Bank of America Corp. of $292 million.

No wonder Republicans can’t win elections. We don’t have anyone who is stealing millions of dollars from big corporations and using that money to fund elections. When will we learn?

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