March 26th, 2009

The Linn County Whig Party

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

whigThe drama never ends in Linn County GOP politics. Recently, Tim Palmer, editor of the Hawkeye Review Blog, was elected Chairman of the Linn County GOP. Linn County Republicans also elected a new Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. All of whom were on a slate with Palmer.

In an interview with, Palmer said, “All Republicans are welcome to join us as we work together to unify our party and then proceed to the business of supporting great candidates and winning elections.”

Well those that Palmer sent to early defeated want nothing to do with the GOP anymore. Instead they have created the Whig Party of Linn County. Talk about a peaceful transition of power…

This is from the Linn County Whig Party Facebook Page

Basic Info: A gathering place for conservatives, regardless of religous affiliation (or lack thereof), to gather and discuss political issues without fear of religous persecution.

Yes, I know the word “religious” is misspelled, and I’m the last person to say anything about grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Unless Kay Henderson makes a mistake, then I email her. It’s the only way she will talk to be. At least she talks to me though. There is one official Republican gubernatorial candidate that will not acknowledge my existence because I’m anonymous, yet he talks about me when he’s on the radio…

Oh, I’m sorry I got a little of track there…

Then there is a discussion about how they want to change the by-laws of the Linn County GOP so that ALL members in good standing of the Linn County Central Committee are able to participate in the election of officers.

Am I missing something, I thought they were done with the Linn County GOP; they are now the Linn County Whig’s? So will Conklin be at the next state convention or not, I need to know if I should bring the popcorn…

Then one of their members, Bill Dahlsten wrote this on the wall:

“There’s money in them thar’ sheep. Set up your your own faith based, political education committee. It is less embarrassing than a job with a candidate. Such a salary must be reported to the Federal Elections Commission and is public record. My God, how the “donations” roll in.”

Yes, I know there are two “yours” there.

I thought the Linn County Whig’s were an organization that was against “religous” persecution? I guess when they talk about “fear of religious persecution” they are talking about what they want to afflict on people.

Then Daniel W. Kaufmann, Jr., another member wrote in response to Dahlsten, “I have no bones against Evangelicals nor the Religous Right, I probably have several HUNDRED (my mother was the youngest of 14) first and second cousins who would be accurately described with those terms.

I DO have bones to pick with a cadre of individuals who seem to be power hungry, and IMO are using the cloak of religion to pursue their own private agendas.”

Yes, I know the word “religious” is spelled wrong again…

Power hungry, what are these folks? They lose their re-election efforts, kick the dirt in the parking lot, have a pity party and quit, well maybe. I just have a couple words for these folks, GROW UP!

The Group has 7 members

Jim Conklin – Former Chair
Daniel W Kauffman Jr
Brandon Marsh
Mary Bowman – Former Secretary
Laurie Hamilton – Former Treasurer
Bill Dahlsten
John Haible

See you at the next state convention!

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