June 11th, 2009

The Issues not the Candidates

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Written by: Constitution Daily

issuesWith the campaigns just around the corner and candidates coming out of the woodwork, it is pretty easy to focus on the candidates and not so much on the issues. For some candidates that mindset works well, for others, the issues is where there victories will come. Either way, for the people, if we stay focused on the issues rather than the candidate, we’ll always be better off. If you think back to when you got started in politics, was it the candidate or the issues that sucked you in?

With that, I’ve listed some questions for the candidates running for a state seat. I know the candidates won’t get on here and answer but I think it is a good exercise for anyone interested in politics. I’d love to see the questions answered by anyone who thinks they can tackle them. I do believe these are the issues that are on the table or in some cases should be on the table in the next few years. So, on to the questions.

  • What precisely do you think Iowa needs to do to spur economic development, especially in more rural areas?
  • What taxes and regulations would you decrease or eliminate to attain a more prosperous environment for Iowa businesses?
  • What would you do to decrease or eliminate the killing of the unborn?
  • Assuming the House and Senate stay in Democrat hands, what would be your first step to making Iowa a traditional marriage state again?
  • What step or steps would you take to reign in the judiciary?
  • A huge chunk of Iowa’s budget is devoted to education funding. Each year we increase this funding even though Iowa’s kids are getting less educated every year. Would you decrease funding for education? What would you change to better educate Iowa’s youth? What specific funding would you like to see cut or increased most?
  • Speaking of Iowa’s budget, it continues to bloat, what programs or departments would you cut or eliminate and how much would that save?
  • Would you support or oppose making the Sec. of Agriculture and Lieutenant Governor an appointed position?
  • Would you support eliminating Iowa’s Department of Revenue and implementing a consumption tax? If not, do you support any form of fundamental tax reform?
  • What would you do to prevent the rampant voter fraud in Iowa?
  • What is your number one priority? And what result do you expect from implementing that priority?

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