March 13th, 2009

The Iowa Flood Center: Pure Iowa Pork

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks the Rebuild Iowa bill really doesn’t help much. The good folks at Hawkeye Review had a sobering post about the state’s poor response to help get small businesses back on their feet. Also, Russ from Winterset deserves the krustacean of the week award. Russ had my back when I called the 1.3 million dollars for an Iowa Flood Center, a scam.

The problem I have with the Iowa Flood Center is that it creates another duplicate government entity, just like the Rebuild Iowa Office did. We already have The Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division. The Emergency Management website clearly states their objective is to help coordinate activities before, during and after emergencies through partnerships with local, state, federal and private agencies.

• Before disasters, the Division coordinates training, planning and exercises for public and private responders at the county and state levels.

• During disasters, the Division coordinates requests from communities for personnel, equipment and technical assistance. It also conducts damage assessments and, when appropriate, requests federal assistance.

• After the emergency is stabilized, the Division coordinates state and federal programs to assist recovery for communities and individuals.

So why again did we need to create an entire new state agency called the Rebuild Iowa Office? All it does is skim money off the top that should be going to flood victims.

In regards to the Iowa Flood Center, we already have the Corps of Engineers, the national weather service, DNR, and the above mentioned Iowa Emergency Management Division. And we should also remember that there was plenty of warning before the flood. Now grated we didn’t know it was going to be a 500 year flood, but what difference could have been made if we had known that?

The idea that if we just had an Iowa Flood Center to let people go on-line to view a map that would show them whether or not their home or business was in danger of being flooded is insane. People didn’t leave New Orleans when a massive category five hurricane was bearing down on it. Most of New Orleans is below sea level. Why do people think people in Iowa are different.

So while some think The Iowa Flood Center would do a better job of alerting people they were in danger of being flooded. I think it could also give people a false sense of security. I can hear it already, “We went on-line and the state said we would be safe, now we lost everything…”

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