July 3rd, 2009

The Intellectually Challenged Propose ATB Budget Cuts

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

stupidKathie Obradovich continues to try and walk down the middle of the political aisle. It is apparent in every article she writes, she tries to say something that appeals to Republicans and something that appeals to Democrats. It’s just annoying. And to be honest, I’d rather read Rekha Basu’s thoughts about the state budget than Obradovich’s tight-rope act. Is it so hard to be a follower of Jim Rome? Have a take Kathie, and don’t suck.

So Obradovich thinks that across the board budget cuts are the way to go. She points out that Culver has already implemented such cuts twice. Newcomer to the GOP primary Christian Fong, also says that he would implement a 5% across the board budget cut.

Do people not seriously think before they spout off on something that serious? Obradovich interviewed Fong on this matter and missed an obvious question. Governor Culver cut State Auditor Dave Vaudt’s office by 26.6% in FY 2010. Mr. Fong, are you recommending that it should have been slashed by 31.6%? That is basically what an additional ATB cut would do. With Culver and Mike Gronstal’s daughter running around the state spending $830 million of borrowed money, do we really want to gut the Auditor’s office?

The budget cuts that Vaudt’s office experienced is a perfect example of why across the board budget cuts don’t work in the real world. We need real solutions, like the $300 plus million House Republicans proposed this spring. There is plenty of waste in state government, let’s find it. I know that means that people will actually have to work and use some brain power to find areas to save money, but that is the exact thing we should be doing.

Before I leave for a long weekend of golf, the Cedar Rapids Gazette had an online poll yesterday. It asked whether or not Christian Fong had the necessary experience to be governor. The last results I saw showed 61% of respondents said no. So much for the love and support of your home town newspaper.

Off to the golf course!

Happy Dependence Day!

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