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October 2nd, 2009

The Inevitable Foreign Policy Failure of President Obama

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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Obama2Written by Pat Bertroche
Candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd CD

The thorn in every President’s side is Foreign Policy. Or rather, the Foreign Policy they inherit. The President can adjust slightly what the previous administrations have done, but cannot really dictate a completely different course of action. Stability is what drives Foreign Policy, and if you cannot be stable in your country’s promises, even if they are not yours, other countries won’t deal with you.

The problem with Pres. Obama’s approach to our foreign policy is two fold. First of all, he is trying to dictate a different course of action that is very much different from the Bush Administration. Whether you agree with Pres. Bush or not, the policies he had in place has protected us since 2001. Pres. Bush’s liberal naysayers were merciless in attacking his policies, pointing out repeatedly that the world hates us now, mainly due to those policies.

Let me be clear: Our enemies have always hated us. That’s why they are our enemies. They hated us when my dad was stationed in Germany in the 1950’s, they hated us when I was in Europe in the 1980’s, and they hate us now. Simply because the liberals have just now noticed, doesn’t mean that our War on Terror is making anyone hate us more. In fact, it is making us friends around the world, including Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania, and solidifying our old friendships with Australia, Canada, and Britain.

Here’s the reason we are gaining friends with the War on Terror: We’re staying in the fight and not running off. Let’s face it, the whole world views us as a nation of ADHD leadership. We are interested in something for a while, then we’re off to something else, leaving our new friends to fend for themselves. We have a history of when the going gets tough, we go home. Starting with Korea, then Viet Nam, Iran Hostage Crisis, Lebanon, Somalia, and now Afghanistan, we have cut and run when what we needed was a different strategy, and a friendlier, less sensational media. It’s easy to take horrific picture and have everybody say, “that’s terrible, we need to stop.” It’s much more difficult, but much more helpful, if the media, and thence the American people, would be more thoughtful about why that picture happened.

Iraq was a success because Pres. Bush stayed the course, changed the strategy, and we’re finally on a withdrawal timeline. But Pres. Bush, and now Pres. Obama, face Afghanistan, where empires go to die. We can win this fight in Afghanistan by staying the course, changing strategy, and making a case to the people of America. Right now, because of our faltering Foreign Policy, Pakistan has turned the Swat Valley over to the Taliban, and the Afghani leadership has invited the Taliban into the government. What kind of insanity is this, you ask? It’s survival for them. They fear, and rightly so, that we may be leaving, and then they will be left to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda alone. We just got done selling the Poles and Czechs down the river by backing down, in front of the world, to Russian demands to remove the missile shield. Czechoslovakia and Poland are our new friends, not the Russains. The Czechs and Poles have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention
Kosovo. They are supporting us, and Pres. Obama stabs them in the back, for no obvious reason, and for no political or foreign policy gain. Right now, Pres. Obama is considering whether we are going to pull out, or increase the troop levels. My son is a Marine, and will be going to Afghanistan unless we pull out. If we pull out and not fight to win, families who have lost sons and daughter’s fighting the terrorists will have lost them for no good reason. And our Allies, who have lost sons and daughters, will have also lost their loved ones in vain.

The second problem with Pres. Obama’s foreign policy is that he doesn’t understand the cultural psychology of the people overseas he is trying to recruit to his side. His apology tour did not earn him any good will, and painted America as despicable and weak. You apologize for mistakes, not policy. After all the media fawning over Pres. Obama, and the people of Europe’s worship or him, he still doesn’t have any more troops from them, or money, or even enough support to get Iran to stop their nuclear ambition. In fact, after he reached out to the Muslims, particularly Iran’s leader for a “new age of reason”, they are redoubling their terror efforts against us in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is even more defiant, and Ahmadinejad called Pres. Obama a liar.

What Pres. Obama doesn’t seem to realize is that being charming and a smart talker doesn’t count for much in a region known for charm, glib conversation, and promises never kept. It is actions that count, and our actions have shown them that we will run. The exception to that general view has been Pres. Bush. His resolution to not leave Iraq is what has brought us the goals we wanted.

The Middle Eastern culture values a man who can befriend his enemy, and then stab him in the back. It’s done all the time, and it’s like winning a football game for them. It’s something to be respected. Also, they have a custom where if your enemy asks for shelter, you must provide him shelter for one night and keep him safe. If you violate that, it’s worse than being a pedophile in the US. You are the lowest of the low. So even if they could find Bin Laden, they wouldn’t give him up to us.

Also, the Middle East is very “macho” for lack of a better term. Apologizing for trying to protect your family and country is, quite frankly, viewed as an effeminate quality, and not desired in a man. So while we at home at least understood the “Apology Tour”, the average Middle Easterner had no idea why Pres. Obama would emasculate himself and America for no apparent purpose. What the “Apology Tour” really did was galvanize the terrorists to attack the effeminate nation. And that is what has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s time for Pres. Obama to start looking at the world through the eyes of reason, and not the impassioned eyes of emotion and narcissism.

Why I am running for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District

pat for congressWith all the money being spent in Washington, D.C., Iowans need to ask themselves, “Who is looking out for us?” How come Iowans haven’t seen any part of the stimulus? How come we are still unemployed in record numbers? Why don’t we have billions for ethanol production and development? Why don’t we have billions for wind and solar energy production for Iowans?

The answer is clear. No one is representing the average Iowan. Everyone is so busy courting the special interest money, that the average folks are left behind. When I visit antique shows, or flea markets, I hear the same thing over and over: “We can’t get any sales. The economy has hurt us. How come no one helps US?“ Iowans are concerned about record deficit spending, outrageous health care costs, and spiraling energy costs because of Cap and Trade legislation and gigantic government take over of our lives. Iowans are upset that no one is listening to OUR concerns.

I want to represent the average Iowan, the hard working folk of “fly over country”, the people that make America run. I want to bring all kinds jobs to Iowa, green jobs, manufacturing jobs, and get our roads and rails back up to snuff. I want more money for schools, more accountability from schools, and to provide more support for homeschoolers.

As a physician, I am in a special position to understand the complicated nature of health care and what is truly needed to reform the system. Whether you are for or against universal health care, one thing is very clear in the bills presented so far in Washington. None of the bills actually address the skyrocketing costs of health care. I plan to bring my knowledge and expertise to bear on this very critical and contentious issues.

I thank you for your consideration.

Pat Bertroche, D.O.

Obama Photo by Dave Davidson

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