June 9th, 2009

The Deck is Stacked

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Written by: Constitution Daily

stackeddeckAfter reading about the straw poll being conducted by this website and Steve Deace, I thought about writing an article about how biased the straw poll would be with Steve Deace being a part of it. I decided against writing anything about it at the time because I have a lot of respect for Craig Robinson. I also had just written a couple negative articles on Deace and I didn’t want to pile on any more than I already had. So I thought it best just to let it play out and see if Deace would offer a fair and tactful analysis. That didn’t happen.

My first reaction when I heard about the straw poll was that Deace may be the last man I’d have involved in a straw poll for Republicans. According to Deace, he isn’t a Republican. I would have chosen a Republican to offer a Republican analysis. Deace is also a strong supporter of Bob Vander Plaats and everyone knows it. To have a fair straw poll and analysis, one would think you wouldn’t choose someone so in bed with one of the candidates involved in the straw poll. This reminds me of the Des Moines Register endorsements – meaningless.

I do know that Deace does have his followers and many will vote for whoever Deace tells them to. And if that is the case, they already know they are supporting Bob Vander Plaats and all the others are whatever Deace has called them in the past few years. I also knew Deace would write a scathing article about McKinley because he blames McKinley and only McKinley for not having a marriage amendment in the hopper for this session. It is a massive oversight by our side but McKinley isn’t the only one to blame. Every other senator, IFPC, ICA, RPI, and all other conservative groups are to blame as well.

But since Deace already has a dog in the fight, he will stop at nothing to undermine and undercut every other candidate in the race. He’s done it his entire career on WHO and won’t stop until only his candidates are standing or he isn’t standing anymore.

I have one question. How does this straw poll not turn into a Bob Vander Plaats for Governor push poll? The deck is stacked.

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