May 6th, 2009

The Constitution Daily Challenge

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healthcareWe all know the Democrats, lead by Obama, are pushing for socialized health care. Since Hillary Care in the 90s, Republicans have slowly lost ground on this issue. Of course it is like all other issues Republicans oppose without offering a solution to a real or perceived problem. We are to blame for losing ground for numerous reasons.

Do most Republicans even think there is a healthcare crisis? I believe there isn’t a problem when compared to all other countries on this planet. We have the best health care in the world and we should be proud of it. However, because perception is reality, we function as if there is a healthcare crisis. So we have a choice, continue to try to educate them and convince them that there is no crisis or offer solutions to make the system even better because there’s always room for improvement and efficiencies.

We tried tort reform and failed. We did get health savings accounts started but haven’t marketed them well enough for people to realize how great they are. They also don’t solve problems for those who are really getting hurt by healthcare costs. We passed a prescription drug plan that failed miserably in policy and public perception. We basically haven’t come up with a solution to counter socialized health care. Without a solution offered, the voters are going to hand this one to the Democrats without us even having a seat at the table.

As Frank Luntz wrote in a report to Congressional Republicans, we must be on the side of reform, not on the side of the status quo, and make this about a government takeover highlighting all the typical problems government has when they get their fingers in anything.

When comparing healthcare to other major issues, I don’t see the solutions offered by those I typically look to for commonsense, simple fixes. Sure tort reform would help, but it seems like a drop in the bucket. We also know insurance costs are out of control but other than tort reform, I haven’t seen quick fixes offered for that either. Could we decrease regulations on hospitals and doctors to decrease costs…maybe, but I’m betting the American people won’t respond well to that.

So that leads me to wonder if there are solutions the American people will get behind. And if there are, how much money and time will it take to educate them enough to oppose socialized health care. If you haven’t noticed, time and money aren’t on our side.

I conclude with the Constitution Daily challenge to readers… Share your ideas on practical, meaningful healthcare reform. Let’s start the discussion and stop getting rolled on this issue by Democrats.

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