April 28th, 2009

Strong Women Take a Stand for Life

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Kathy Ireland Speaks Out on Pro-Life Conversion

As I was surfing the net yesterday, I came upon an article that really reminded me of the Miss California moment from last week.

kathyirelandSupermodel Kathy Ireland recently went public with her strong pro-life stance. She says she used to be adamantly pro-choice, but when she became a Christian, she started to second-guess that position. And, most importantly, she started doing her homework, including looking at her physician husband’s medical books.

“What I read was astounding and I learned that at the moment of conception a new life comes into being. The complete genetic blueprint is there, the DNA is determined, the blood type is determined, the sex is determined, the unique set of fingerprints that nobody has had or ever will have is already there.”

Despite her new-found knowledge, Ireland was still looking for some excuse to justify a pro-choice position.

“I called Planned Parenthood and begged them to give me their best argument and all they could come up with that it is really just a clump of cells and if you get it early enough it doesn’t even look like a baby. Well, we’re all clumps of cells and the unborn does not look like a baby the same way the baby does not look like a teenager, a teenager does not look like a senior citizen. That unborn baby looks exactly the way human beings are supposed to look at that stage of development. It doesn’t suddenly become a human being at a certain point in time,” Ireland argued. “I’ve also asked leading scientists across our country to please show me some shred of evidence that the unborn is not a human being. I didn’t want to be pro-life, but this is not a woman’s rights issue but a human rights issue.”

Given what happened to Miss California last week and the attacks that she suffered as a result of sharing an opinion on a hot-button issue based on her faith, you have admire the courage it takes for a “Hollywood-type” figure to do the same thing.

Kudos to Kathy. Keep speaking out and keep the faith!

Fmr. Vatican Ambassador Snubs Notre Dame in Wake of Obama Honor

glendonbetterMary Ann Glendon, who served as ambassador to the Vatican in the George W. Bush administration and now serves as a law professor at Harvard, has refused to accept an award she was to receive from Notre Dame University.

The award was to be presented to Glendon at Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony, the same ceremony in which President Obama is scheduled to give the commencement address.

Glendon’s refusal of her award is based on the fact that she is essentially protesting Notre Dame’s decision to honor Obama by inviting him to give the keynote speech. Obama is a staunch advocate for abortion rights and stem cell research, two positions which are antithetical to the Catholic Church’s stance on those issues

Glendon says her decision is intended to honor the Church’s position on dealing with pro-choice politicians and call attention to the fact that Notre Dame, the premier Catholic learning institution in the United States, is ignoring the Church’s wishes.

“I could not help but be dismayed by the news that Notre Dame also planned to award the president an honorary degree,” she wrote. “This, as you must know, was in disregard of the U.S. bishops’ express request of 2004 that Catholic institutions ‘should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles’ and that such persons ‘should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.’ That request, which in no way seeks to control or interfere with an institution’s freedom to invite and engage in serious debate with whomever it wishes, seems to me so reasonable that I am at a loss to understand why a Catholic university should disrespect it.”

Kudos to Glendon for finding a classy way to make her point.

Although, I have to admit, the blogger in me would have loved to have seen a face-to-face dressing down of the president for his bloodthirsty position and Notre Dame for this hair-brained invitation at the commencement itself.

Oh well, a blogger can dream.

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