June 12th, 2009

Straw Poll Results and Clayworth’s Shirt

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Am I the only one that was impressed by how well Paul McKinley did in the Straw Poll yesterday? Look, if the guy wasn’t running for governor, he would have finished down with Lamberti. Well played my Donald Sutherland friend, well played.

I’m sure the various sides are going to either downplay or over-hype yesterday’s straw poll results. That happens with every poll like this. I actually thought Vander Plaats would have done a bit better. To my knowledge, he’s the only one with a staff, he had 300 people at his event in Arnolds Park the night before, and Deace played a 15 min speech he gave over the weekend at some conference the day before the vote. If you were looking for an upset, you were just kidding yourself.

I do think it’s clear that we have three gubernatorial candidates, Vander Plaats, Rants, and McKinley. All of these candidates need to remember, it’s not just about winning the primary, it’s about defeating Chet Culver.

I was glad to see someone in this state do something with text messaging, and frankly, I’m surprised it’s this website leading the way and not one of our elected officials like the “tech savvy” Chuck Grassley. If you want to be able to use new technology in an election, you have to start using it before you need it.

YouTube is fun, but it’s only one way communication. Twitter is fine, but again it’s pretty much a one way street. Texting is the new email, so we would be fools not use it as a political tool. I was sitting in the saloon the other day, and a group of older women were talking about how they were calling and texting some gal about something stupid. Just look around, the number of people who text is growing each and every day.

Pressing Question: Who’s Shirt Was This First?

clayworth2-copyI got a lot of grief about posting the above picture of Des Moines Register reporter Jason Clayworth. Recently, while I was strolling through the pages of the Register I stumbled upon this.

I’m a political reporter at The Des Moines Register who loves Iowa. I grew up in the rural southern part of the state, where my family still farm. I was one of 22 high school graduates in my class. I am also a Drake University graduate. I love to shop at garage sales, attend auctions and visit thrift stores in my spare time. (I am probably wearing your shirt.) You can find me on Twitter @JasonClayworth

Which makes me wonder, who’s shirt is Jason wearing? Anyway…

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