October 5th, 2009

Steve King, Chuck Grassley, Ralph Reed, David Barton -Photo And Video Highlights of Iowa Christian Alliance Dinner

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David Barton’s founding father inspired, constitution clarifying, biblically bold, fast paced power point presentation politely schooled hundreds of politically active Iowa Christians October 3rd to a capacity crowd, filling the Seven Flags Event Center in Clive to the brim.

Analogy: What Michael Jordan’s high flying, gravity defying dunk from the free throw line in the 80’s did for the NBA’s All-Star Slam Dunk contest is the same impact what a David Barton speech can elevate in the minds of freedom loving Americans… A jaw dropping, double take, paradigm shattering slam dunk!

Yes,  Barton’s impact was that tremendous, not to mention he did it with a godly humility, accented by the charm of his Texas cowboy boots. Though Barton was the headliner, the ensemble of messages from all the speakers was a full menu of quality constitutional reinforcement.

Iowa Christian Alliance hosted distinguished leaders and guest speakers including Congressman Steve King, Senator Chuck Grassley, Faith and Freedom coalition leader Ralph Reed and the aforementioned David Barton founder of  (If you’ve never been to the website well what are you waiting for?  Don’t make me get all Chuck Norris on you.)

All the messages were timely and relevant resonating well with the audience.  It seemed like a combo 1-2 punch wake-up call and revival to reclaim fundamental constitutional and biblical values here in Iowa and across America.

The evening also included the debut showing of brief 2 minute introductory video presentations by all the GOP gov. candidates of Christopher Rants, Jerry Behn, Christian Fong, Rod Roberts and Bob Vander Plaats.

Enjoy YouTube speech excerpts from the dinner below as you scroll down this page. The first video is an HD slide show of the event.  While you watch it if you’re the praying type consider praying for people as you see their faces, whether you know them or not.

Also take a look at over 100 photos at the photo gallery at Flickr.  If you enjoy this recap page of media goodies please pass it on to a friend or a better yet try to liberate a liberal…

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all photos & video by Dave Davidson

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Dave Davidson is the TIR artjournalism storyteller photographer and founder of (polite) presidential paparazzi with manners. He is the author of gobs of books including "Sarah Palin Inspires Me", "Huckisms" and "You May Be A TEApublican".

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