March 19th, 2009

Statehouse Dems: Union Buddies More Important than Protecting Iowa’s Kids

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

There was a heart-wrenching article in the Register yesterday about a family that is terrified because the perpetrator who molested their six-year-old little girl is being released from the corrections system.

You see, the perpetrator was a fourteen-year-old boy, who is now turning eighteen. He was prosecuted under the juvenile justice system, so he’s aging out of the system and being turned loose on the public despite the fact that he readily admits he’d like to have sex with little girls again.

The family of the victim is upset because there is nothing they can do. Because the molester was tried as a juvenile, he spent just a few years behind bars when an adult would spend at least 17 years locked up for the same crime. He is also not subject to the sexually violent offender civil commitment process that keeps adults in his situation locked up.

Some Iowa legislators, including some people’s undeserved favorite punching bag de jour Clel Baudler, sponsored legislation that would have required that this scumbag be tried as an adult for this type of crime.

Unfortunately, the Democrat controlled legislature didn’t even let this bill out of committee. Apparently, they had other priorities, like laws creating spheres of safety around bicycles and raising taxes on old people in nursing homes. Heck, even the medical marijuana bill and the “let’s give away our voting power” electoral college reform bill got debated on the floor of the senate, not to mention all the time that’s been spent on the union-backed legislative agenda.

There was another bill I heard about earlier this year that would have made it illegal in Iowa to solicit sex from children via electronic means. Yep, that’s right, this behavior apparently is not currently illegal in our fine state. So that’s why we haven’t had any “Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator” specials filmed in Iowa.

This bill didn’t make it out of committee either. A few weeks ago, I actually emailed the sponsor of the bill, Deborah Berry, a Democrat from Waterloo, to check on the progress of the bill and inquire about its chance of passage. I never heard back from her. I guess that tells me a little about how much of a priority this bill was.

This blows my mind. We have our Democrat legislative leaders more concerned about placating their union buddies who will help them get re-elected than they are concerned about protecting Iowa’s children from sexually violent predators.

I guess at least we know where their loyalties lie… and it’s not with Iowa’s children.

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