May 5th, 2009

Specter Says We Should Have Cured His, I Mean, Jack Kemp’s, Cancer

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

arlen-specterSo, Arlen Specter thinks that, if it weren’t for the GOP, we’d have a cure for cancer right now.

And Arlen, being the classy guy he is, decided to use a Republican’s tragic death (Jack Kemp, who recently died of cancer) to get his name in the headlines and get one more jab in against the party that he’s stabbed in the back so many times.

Yep, he thinks that since everyone’s favorite Republican, Richard Nixon, declared a “war on cancer” many years ago (because Nixon couldn’t have been trying to deflect attention away from anything else), that we should have had a cure by now, and if we had only followed the Democrats’ agenda sooner, lives could have been saved.

Gee, Arlie, if we’d only followed the Republicans’ agenda sooner, we could have saved millions of unborn lives by now, but I guess you don’t really care about those lives, just your own.

After all, we all know that you support embryonic stem cell research because you care so much about your own survival, I mean, the survival of others. And to hell with all those little embryos just a few weeks away from having a heartbeat.

At least you’ve got to give the guy credit for being consistent. He’ll sell out completely on the life issue because he thinks it will help his mortal survival. And he’ll sell out completely the party that got him where he’s at for his own political survival.

I wonder if Arlie has ever thought about whether or not one of those millions of little lives that he’s okay with exterminating might have grown up to become a brilliant scientist who would have cured his cancer.

We’ll never know, will we?

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