April 1st, 2009

Speaker Murphy: A Jackbooted Nazi?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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murphyNow that, my friends, was one heck of a Tea Party last night!

Krusty kudos to all of those people who drove long distances to participate in last night’s public forum on federal deductibility. Yesterday, I tried to make the point that, if you are going to have a Tea Party, you better be ready to dump some tea in the river.

Last night Speaker Murphy couldn’t handle some simple applause from the audience gathered for the debate. So, being the dictator he is, he ordered the SS err State Troopers to remove the public from the building. This is Iowa we are talking about people!

Before I delve too far into all of this, I want to make clear a couple of things.

First, I’m told that the audience did boo the first speaker loudly after she stunk up the joint. They were then warned that anyone who protests would be removed. When labor goon/IDP party boss Ken Sagar finished speaking, the crowed hissed. They were warned again. After that the crowd was very respectful and only applauded for those speakers who deserved it, like Mr. Failor.

What I have not seen reported, is the fact that it was the current chairman of the Iowa College Republicans, Greg Baker, whose speech created the final outburst of cheers that Speaker Murphy just couldn’t handle. He deserves some Krusty Kudos of his own.

The allegedly raucous, uncontrollable crowd calmly and politely exited the Capitol once Murphy took the microphone ordering the Troopers to remove them. Now, there were a few exceptions to that but for the most part I’m told that this was a respectful crowd of Iowans.

What did Speaker Murphy think the reaction to a massive his tax increase was going to be? For the love of God, people are organizing Tea Parties all over the country because they have had enough. Yet, Murphy expected them to come to Des Moines and sit quietly while he and the Democrats pass the largest tax increase in Iowa’s history.

Now, when I first heard that Ed Failor, Jr. called Murphy a “jackbooted Nazi,” I cringed a bit. But the more I think about it, the more accurate I think Failor’s statement is. Murphy, by definition, is a dictator. He is disregarding the will of the people and using his special police force to silence them.

Our founding fathers would have been proud last night. Our founders didn’t sit silently by when King George forced tax after tax on the colonies; they said enough is enough and fought back. Back then, as there is today, there were plenty of people who were not comfortable going against the status quo. It is important that we do not let these people impede our progress. Following their lead will get us nowhere.

Last night’s forum was called a public hearing, and yet the public was unfairly excluded. Iowans sent a strong message that they are not going to tolerate the antics of Speaker Murphy anymore. We should not apologize just because Speaker Murphy didn’t like what he heard last night.

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