July 24th, 2009

So, If Obama-Care is Near Death, Will He Abide by His Own Plan and Just Let it Die?

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

dr-barryI watched Obama’s healthcare press conference the other night and really tried to have an open mind, but I still couldn’t come away from it thinking it was anything but slightly disastrous for the president’s plan.

When a reporter asks whether some basic health coverage (including “end of life care”) is going to be reduced by the president’s proposal, and he has to tell the American people that, yes, it probably will, that is a bad thing.

This basically tells Joe and Jane Smith that, if they get really sick, good luck, because we’re not going to bother treating you if we think you’re going to die.

Oh, and when you get asked two different questions about the “sacrifices” Americans are going to have to make in regard to their healthcare to make this work, and you basically admit that significant sacrifices are going to have to be made, that’s also not a good thing.

And, when the president has to admit that he can’t really blame the Republicans for the failure to get this through Congress because even a significant number of people in his own party don’t think this is a good idea, that’s also bad.

Oh, and when another reporter points out that you’re breaking your campaign promise about transparency on both the healthcare and TARP issues, that’s not good either. (And Barry conveniently releasing some of the requested information literally minutes before the press conference when you know you’re going to be asked about it doesn’t score him any bonus points).

Okay, one more… when your hour-long press conference on healthcare gets overshadowed by the two minutes you spent talking about the black Harvard professor who was arrested in the next day’s news cycle, that’s also a bad sign.

Fine, two more… when you get bad press from MSNBC, who said you were boring and didn’t score any points or sway anyone on the healthcare issue, that’s really bad.

When 80% of people are generally satisfied with their current health coverage, it really seems as though this is a manufactured crisis. Are premiums and costs too high? Yes, but there are better solutions for dealing with that than giving over control of your health decisions to the government. And that’s exactly what will happen when we start down the slippery slope of government-run healthcare.

Besides, if we pass Obama’s plan, where will Canadians go when they need a good doctor? Or when they canada-flagdon’t want to wait six months to start breast cancer treatment? Or if they don’t want to wait a month to get their broken arm set?

If you don’t want to stop this bill for yourselves, do it for the Canadians.

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