August 14th, 2009

So How Much Has Culver Raised this Year?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

chet-at-fairGovernor Culver wants us to believe that all the news articles about Terry Branstad mounting a comeback and running against him is helping him raise record amounts of money. While it’s not uncommon for a politician who is feeling the heat to make outrageous claims, it is odd for reporters to simply regurgitate what they are told in their daily columns.

Let’s just apply a little common sense to Culver’s claim.

Culver raises about $1 million a year, and spends a healthy $500k while he’s at it. That’s a pretty good burn rate in an off year. Still, Culver had $1 million in the bank at the beginning of the year. The media has deemed him to be a “prolific” fundraiser, but it’s no different than what Tom Vilsack did when he was Governor. To be honest with you, Vilsack’s million dollar haul was far more impressive since campaigns costs less when he was in office.

I also question how successful Culver has been in getting large contributions of $25k or more into his campaign. There are only a few Democrat donors who write those types of checks. Most of the big money for Democrat gubernatorial candidates comes from labor unions.

Knowing that, why would the labor unions cut Culver a huge check until AFTER next year’s legislative session? Culver has failed miserably in trying to pass Big Labor’s legislative agenda, and he vetoed the only one of their legislative priorities that the Iowa House was able to pass over the past two years. Wouldn’t you think the labor unions would withhold their large contributions to Culver until the legislative session is over? If they don’t they are total morons.

Maybe instead of writing Culver’s mumblings verbatim in their papers, they should just ask him how much he has raised thus far this year so next January we can see if he was telling the truth or not.

Look, Culver’s going to have plenty of money to run his campaign with, that’s not the story. Culver’s problem is that he’s going to need every dime to be successful next fall. What he really needs is a huge economic recovery that would help fix the budget mess he has created. It’s unlikely that will happen.

Culver is the worst governor in Iowa’s history. Not only is he incompetent, but he misleads Iowans on a daily basis. We can and should do better.

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