December 10th, 2009

Snow Removal, Snotcicles & the Battle of the VPs

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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snotBy Emily Geiger

After hours of clearing snow in the bitter cold, I have one thing to say.


Didn’t think that was actually possible (or at least that it would ever happen to me), but now I know it is (and it did). Not quite as bad as this guy, but not good either.

So after my snotcicle melts and I’m thawing out in my nice cozy living room, I see that Algore and Sara Palin are having a little tiff.

It really irks me when liberals like Algore refuse to acknowledge the valid criticism they are facing.

For example, Palin said she’s personally witnessed “the impact of changing weather patterns.” But she said that “while we recognize the occurrence of these natural, cyclical environmental trends, we can’t say with assurance that man’s activities cause weather changes.”

Algore responds by ignoring the point about man’s role in the climate warming trend (which is the real issue of contention) and “rebuts” her arguments by saying that the scientific community has worked intensively on the issue[of global warming] for twenty years. “It’s a principle in physics,” he says. “It’s like gravity, it exists.”

Um, hello? She just said temperatures have risen slightly. She’s not arguing that point. The question is whether man has caused that warming, or whether other things like volcanic eruptions and sunspots have more to do with the natural cyclical warming and cooling patterns of the earth that have been happening for thousands of years.

But that’s fine Al, dodge the question as usual. We all know you refuse to actually engage in a legitimate debate. That’s your own little inconvenient truth.

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