May 28th, 2009

Shocker: Matt McCoy Dislikes Deace

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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m-v-d3By Emily Geiger

So, apparently State Sen. Matt McCoy is upset with Steve Deace.

My first reaction to that is, Dude, get in line. Deace has whole organized groups of haters. Seriously. Google it.

Anyhoo, McCoy, Iowa’s only openly gay state legislator, is ticked off because, even though he didn’t listen to the program in question himself, he thinks he was treated unfairly when Deace replayed a round-table debate in which McCoy participated on WHO last week and analyzed it with his pastor. The debate was sponsored by the Des Moines Register, and one of its reporters moderated.

The debate focused on the issue of homosexual marriage in Iowa. The group also included a representative from One Iowa (the pro-gay marriage group) and the Iowa Family Policy Center (a pro-traditional marriage group).

Unlike McCoy, I actually listened to WHO on the night in question. What McCoy doesn’t like about the situation is that he made a fool of himself in this debate, and he got called on the carpet for it.

You see, McCoy came out swinging against the IFPC guys by saying that he’s a Christian, and he’s a father, and a Christian, and just your average Joe Iowan, and a Christian, and he just happens to be gay. Oh, and did I mention that he told us he’s a Christian? Several times?

Yeah, it was that in your face.

So, the IFPC guy, Brian English, says something to the effect of, “So, since you brought it up that you’re a Christian, what is the foundation of your Christian beliefs?”

In other words, if you’re a Christian, don’t you have to believe in the Bible, and since the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?

McCoy’s response: Well, um, uh, er… “I believe in the separation of church and state.”

In other words, I don’t want to admit that I don’t actually believe a word the Bible says, so I’m going to change the subject really fast and hope no one notices.

First of all, genius, separation of church and state has nothing to do with the personal hypocrisy in your own life. Second, you’re the one who tried to play the Christian card and you got burned on it… that’s your fault, not Brian English’s or Steve Deace’s.

So, what does McCoy really think of all this?

“Steve Deace chooses to use his radio platform at 1040 WHO to spread hate and lies on behalf of his version of Christianity. I feel that he crossed the line of decency by attacking me and my family in such an outrageous manner. Steve Deace does not know me or my heart and his attacks will not harm me.”

How dare Steve Deace point out that there is really only one “version” of Christianity, that which is based on the Christian Bible, and any religion that ignores the Christian Bible and the principles contained therein is not Christianity. And any person who lives in knowing, open rebellion to Biblical principles is not living a Christ-centered life, and therefore, is not a Christian.

What an awful, hateful, bigoted person that makes Deace.

Unfortunately for McCoy, Deace is also right.

How sad it is that McCoy does not have any spiritual leaders in his life who have told him the truth. Apparently, no one at Plymouth Congregational Church in Des Moines actually reads the Bible or has the guts to tell Matt McCoy the truth.

I’m sure they think they are being tolerant and enlightened, but they are doing him no eternal favors. It would actually be more loving to tell him the truth.

But, it sounds like McCoy is quite happy to have found a religious community so sympathetic to his needs, wants, and desires.

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

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