April 30th, 2009

Seriously? Prove It!

mbngg1Arlen Specter and Doug Gross are both trying to tell us, the American people, the Republican Party is moving too far to the right. Since when? Look at our recent candidates…John McCain, not a conservative; George W. Bush, not a conservative; Jim Nussle, not a conservative; Doug Gross, not a conservative: Greg Ganske, not a conservative. You want me to keep going? Who was the last conservative to get the Republican Party nomination in a statewide race? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Have you also noticed the Republican Party Platform has changed very little in the past five U.S. Senate terms? For those of you who didn’t get the significance of that one, Specter was first elected as a Republican to the U.S. Senate in 1980, he’s currently serving his fifth term. When will these moderates just be honest with themselves? They never read the platform and if they did, they wouldn’t agree with the social issues. And what really frustrates me is they get all over conservatives for pushing social issues, when they are the ones talking about them most to undercut fellow Republicans.

Other than marriage, what social issues have been prominent in the past year? Or, look at Iowa’s most conservative official, Steve King, and what he’s been talking about on the U.S. House floor. According to this site, it is energy and the economy…not social issues.

This all comes back to a power play by Mr. Gross. At no point can a logically thinking individual believe we have moved to the right. If you believe so, give me an example. Show me where the Republican Party platform has shifted to the right. And then show me where our candidates have shifted to the right. And then show me where our policy, once elected, has shifted to the right.

Seriously, prove it!

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