July 6th, 2009

See ya later Sarah?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

winkWhat the heck is up with Sarah Palin? I know that she is trying to spin her unexpected resignation as something that’s good for the people of Alaska and her family, but who steps down from office after only serving a couple of years? And let’s not forget, a big chunk of that time was spent on the presidential trail promoting John McCain.

Now I’m not going to rule out the chance that Palin might just be making an incredibly stupid move, but you don’t announce your resignation on the afternoon of July 3rd just for the heck of it. You roll out bad news on the Friday before a holiday because it’s not going to get as much attention as it would during a normal news day. Her announcement last Friday created wild speculation, especially since it caps off a crazy four week period where we have seen John Ensign and Mark Sanford end any and all chances they had for national office.

I’ll let you all know where I’m at on this deal, I think she is finished.

I thought it was likely that she had reached the pinnacle of political career by being John McCain’s running mate. That said, I also believed that she would have a long career in helping Republicans across the nation reach out to female voters and raise money for various candidates. I think those days are over as well.

I somehow think Palin believes that by resigning, the media and her detractors will stop digging for dirt about her and her family. I’ve got some bad news for her, it’s only going to get worse. Reporters and bloggers now have a reason to keep digging around, and who would blame them? I like Sarah, but I simply don’t believe that she is telling us everything that is going on.

As for her presidential aspirations, do you really think that Americans are ready to nominate a governor who only has served two-and-a-half years in office and then quit? Seriously, this does nothing but give credibility to the argument that she is not qualified to serve as President.

I wonder if she longs to be more like Mike Huckabee, than a serious presidential candidate. Huckabee has been able to take his 2008 presidential campaign and turn it into a very nice television career. Huckabee now has his own show on Fox News and recently signed a deal to replace Paul Harvey an ABC Radio. The Huckabee Report is carried on hundreds of radio stations across the country.

Huckabee has found an interesting niche. His show on Fox and his daily radio gig allows him to remain in the public’s eye. That means he can run for national office again if he so desires since his TV and radio deals keep him relevant. Huckabee is also allowed to keep his leadership PAC up and running.

If Palin’s sudden resignation wasn’t because of a yet to be discovered scandal, she has to have some sort of way to remain relevant besides a book deal. However, all of the speculation that she wishes would stop is only going to get worse now that she has left office.

What say you?

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