March 23rd, 2009


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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

It hasn’t taken long for the Democrats to turn inward and begin eating their own, all in an effort to save the big guy at the top and some of his selected cronies.

At first, I thought the fall-guy was going to be Chris Dodd. After all, he is the guy who added the amendment that gave the okay to executive bonuses. But, the only problem with that is the Dodd is a congressman. He’s not someone that Obama can fire in an effort to look decisive. It’s up to the people of Connecticut to do that (and it seems they are seriously considering it).

No, it seems the role of scapegoat is about to be played by Tim Geithner. Even other Democrats are starting to point fingers at the guy. Don’t get me wrong… I’m certainly not defending him, but I’m not sure he’s 100% responsible for all the things he’s being blamed for. But, Democrats at every level, even those here in little ol’ Iowa are predicting that Geithner won’t be long for his job.

Yesterday, on WHO-TV’s Insiders, even local Democrat leader, Tom Henderson, stated that it is pretty likely Geithner will be gone soon.

I find all of this pretty ironic since, when Obama was on Leno, he defended the guy, saying he was doing a wonderful job. And, he deflected the blame from Geithner, saying, “The buck stops here.” In other words, Obama was saying that we should be blaming him, not Geithner.

Now, I don’t believe for one second that Obama really means that. He’s just building Geither up to take the big fall. That way, when Obama has to give him the ax later, Obama will look commanding… decisive… maybe even, presidential.

I wonder if Geithner knew he was signing up to be the recession fall-guy.

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