November 14th, 2009

Ron Paul Rocks 1,100 In Ames Championing A Call To End The Fed And Reduce Needless Government

712544068_G5SaF-MCongressman Ron Paul spoke to 1,100 enthusiastic constitution loving college students in Ames Friday night.  (An early number did not account for the packed overflow room.)  His speaking themes included reducing the troops in war, reducing the role of government in health care and reducing the influence of the federal reserve bank.

Here are the artjournalism smugmug and flickr galleries from Friday Night’s action by Dave Davidson…

100 images of Ron Paul in Ames is in a nice smug mug gallery

Over 200 images are here in the gallery of quick handshakes and split second smiles with attendees photographed with Ron Paul. Please note that you can right click and save the image, but if you want a print you can also order one.  Images are courtesy Campaign For Liberty and

Combining a mix of video and artjournalism photography, enjoy the montage fusion film which includes a new song… End The Fed!

[youtube FkHwRmTnONQ]


End the Fed, End the Fed!
That’s what I said, Let it spread.
End the Fed, End the Fed!
It’s in the red, Leave it for dead.

(End the Fed, End the Fed!)
(End the Fed, End the Fed!)
(End the Fed, End the Fed!)
(End the Fed, End the Fed!)

Don’t tread on my tea party.
Don’t tread on my liberty.
Don’t tread on me Ben Bernake.
Don’t tread, don’t tread on me.

Decades of cover up
to discover what?
Just what, just what
we need to shut up.

©2009 Dave Davidson

[youtube mkMdPug7ekQ]

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