April 28th, 2009

Returning to Sanity

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Written by: Constitution Daily

After all the talk from some unelected folks on the radio, how many county recorders ignored the Supreme Court’s ruling and refused to offer licenses to same sex couples? According to the most current count by the Des Moines Register, there were zero refusals and 47 counties complying with the ruling. The other 52 counties didn’t have any gay couples requesting a license.

Des Moines Register's map of gay marriage licenses.

Des Moines Register's map of gay marriage licenses.

So now we have gay marriage in Iowa…just as most of us thought we would. Now we must help our leaders get us back on track. We have some great conservative minds at all levels of government in Iowa. We need the leadership and the up-and-comers in the Iowa House and Senate but we also need Latham and King to lend their services and strategy expertise. Oh…and we’ll also need money and lots of it. Tim Gill won’t let this state go back to sanity without a heck of a fight.

We will have those who use this issue just to get elected. Many of us already know who those candidates will be, but we can use them in our mission as well. My point is, now is not the time to throw Republicans under the bus for not being conservative or pure enough. We need all hands on deck even if our motives aren’t exactly the same. These past few weeks have shown Republicans that we aren’t able to work together very well – especially when 50,000 watts are used almost every day to pull us apart.

This should almost be easy – if we can at least get our side singing from the same page. This is a crossover issue that definitely gets people riled up. This is our chance to change policy and politics without sacrificing either.

So the next time you hear someone ripping on a Republican, think for yourself, do we need him/her to advance our cause? Whether it is Bob Vander Plaats, Paul McKinley, Steve King, or Christopher Rants, we need them all to be able to win on this issue. If we can work together, you will see an Iowa without gay marriage again.

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