September 11th, 2009


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Written by: Constitution Daily

rickperryOne of the themes to come out of many political discussions lately is responsibility. Those of us who believe in personal responsibility tend to look to ourselves for solutions, not the state or federal governments. The health care debate spurred much of this discussion lately with liberals wanting the wealthy to pay for the poor’s health care. The states look to the federal government for any handout they can get to pay for anything and everything – even if it isn’t necessary. And now today, we have Texas Governor Rick Perry sending Texas Rangers to the border to defend our sovereignty. The ironic thing is, this is the main responsibility of the federal government, outlined in the Constitution.

I find it almost laughable that we have the federal government intruding into our daily lives from the first thing we do in the morning to the last thing we do at night. Every single day the federal government takes over a responsibility that should be either left to the states or to the individual. The federal government is constantly grabbing more power by intruding into our lives. But when it comes time to actually fulfill a constitutional obligation, they are nowhere to be found.

I’m proud of Gov. Perry for finally stepping up and taking control of the border in Texas. Out state will reap the rewards of his leadership on this issue with decreased drugs and obviously less illegal immigrants. And if I were Gov. Perry, I’d send a monthly bill to Obama and Napolitano demanding reimbursement for performing a service they should be taking care of. If they refuse to pay, I’d sue them.

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