March 6th, 2009

Regulations, Unions, and Taxes = RUT

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memyselfirene2Unions: You know the Jim Carrey movie, “Me, Myself & Irene”, where Jim plays a Rhode Island state trooper named Charlie transporting an alleged fugitive (Renee Zellweger) to upstate New York? Anyway, they end up finding a sick cow and Jim’s character decides the best thing to do is put it out of its misery. He shoots the cow multiple times and finally when he thinks its dead it moves and moos again, causing him to choke it out until it finally dies.

Doesn’t that cow remind you of the Democrats’ union agenda? We throw everything at it, the public obviously wants it to die, but the Democrats continue to try to breathe life in failed policy.


$3.1 Billion in Business Regulated Away! Alliant Energy announced they are cancelling plans to build a $1.8 billion power plant in Marshalltown. There is nothing that ticks me off more than seeing regulation and taxation choke out future businesses. We have a very hard time attracting new business and with the Democrats in control, we didn’t have a chance to get a coal-fired power plant in Iowa. And remember, this is the second proposed power plant to cancel plans to build in Iowa. This should fall square on the shoulders of Chet Culver and the leadership in the Iowa House and Senate. I assure you if we had a solid Republican in charge on Terrace Hill, Iowa would have these businesses already breaking ground. This is a very sad day for Iowa.


Federal Deductibility: Yepsen has a pretty good article on how the Democrats want to remove Iowan’s ability to deduct their federal tax obligation from their Iowa tax returns. Yepsen writes:

“So what’s the best thing to do? It lies in finding a middle ground. First, repeal federal deductibility. Second, lower the tax rate to about 6 percent to make the repeal revenue neutral to the state. Third, lower it again to 5.5 percent or 5 percent to make it revenue neutral to all taxpayers, or even provide a small tax cut.”

I agree with lowering the tax rate to 5 percent but in rough economic times we need to do more than that. We also need to leave the federal deductibility alone. It is an income tax. Not a tax on a tax. Of course we all know the Democrats will try to just remove the federal deductibility and come out against any tax breaks.


Are you noticing a theme here? All the above only hurts Iowa’s chances of getting out of this recession. If you were to develop the perfect plan to suffocate businesses in Iowa you would give more power to the unions, increase regulations, and increase taxes. Seriously, are the Democrats purposely trying to create an economic climate in Iowa so no business ever thinks about moving here? I mean there is only so much our small town atmosphere can offer to overcome the dismal tax and regulatory system Iowa currently has.

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