September 22nd, 2009

Register Still Spinning for Gay Marriage

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

ClayworthCoveredI find it pretty ironic that the Register was openly questioning polls conducted earlier this year because of who was conducting the polls, and now it wants the public to take its own poll seriously.

You want to talk about biased news sources? Fine, we’ll talk about biased news sources.

Find me one opinion piece from the Register’s editorial board that has not been 100% in support of gay marriage.

We’re talking about the newspaper who assigns almost every gay marriage related story to an openly gay reporter who, until recently, belonged to a Facebook group called “I support the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision on Gay Marriage.”

And they have the audacity to question Republican-commissioned polls, while we’re supposed to believe they have no ulterior motives?

Here’s the thing. I don’t think the Register’s own poll numbers on gay marriage agree with each other.

I don’t know how you get one set of results that say 43% of people oppose the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage and 26% favor it (30% supposedly “didn’t care”), and then come up with results that say 41% of people would vote for a ban and 40% would vote against a ban on gay marriage. Those results just don’t mesh.

I also have to go on record as saying that one of the questions getting a lot of play in the media, that 92% of people say that gay marriage has not affected their lives, is a pretty crap question. First, most people aren’t gay, so no, it is not going to affect whether or not they get married. Second, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that no public school kids were polled, so the indoctrination that is sure to occur in those institutions (as it has in other states that have legalized gay marriage) is not going to be reflected in those results. I think this question is flawed in that it attempts to imply that, if most people don’t think their lives have been affected, then they don’t care, and that’s not necessarily the case. Further, the wording of this question is just too vague for the results to matter at all.

I also find it interesting that, once again, Jason Clayworth (the Des Moines Register reporter described previously in this post) is in on the drafting of this story about the marriage polling results. It’s very telling that not one person quoted in the story was of the opinion that gay marriage should not be legal. If the Register’s headline is accurate and it’s really true that Iowans are “evenly divided,” shouldn’t they have at least attempted to provide a quote from the viewpoint opposing their own?

But who are we kidding? The only people who really think that the Register is unbiased are the people on its own editorial board.

And deep down, even they know they are biased, and they think it is their job to “educate” the ignorant masses.

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