October 20th, 2009

Rasmussen: Huckabee 29% Romney 24% Palin 18%

huck squareOver the weekend Rasmussen Reports released interesting numbers from a phone survey concerning the 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls.  The data states that 29% of Republican voters nationwide say the host of television’s Huckabee and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is their pick to represent the GOP in the 2012 Presidential campaign.

All this actual data on Huckabee would seemingly be eyeopening if all you knew was the slant of the liberal media’s full blown attempt to omit Huckabee from anything semi related to a 2012 presidential republican race.  This summer, TIME magazine did an article with fancy graphics of nearly a dozen republican hopefuls and it seems they couldn’t find an image of Huckabee anywhere on the internet to plug into their weak story.

Rasmussen Reports tallies a 24% return for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who TIR reports may bypass Iowa altogether.

Going-rogue-or-do-you- say-vogue , best selling pre-sale author, magazine reading aficionado and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin came in at 18% for the bronze medal.  She continues to make the press respond to her thought provoking twitter and facebook entries so she is one to watch when even liberal media take notice.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gets 14% of the vote while northern neighbor Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty gets 4%.  6% of GOP voters prefer some other candidate while 7% remain undecided.

For favorable perception Huckabee and Romney are at 78% with Republican voters, Palin is at 75%. Gingrich earns favorably reviews from 69% while lesser know Pawlenty gets a middle letter grade report card assessment of 45% from Republicans.

Republican voters are statically optimistic and desperately hoping that their nominee could be the next President of the United States since 81% of the GOP faithful say that it’s at least somewhat likely the Republican nominee will defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

Romney leads all prospects among voters who attend church once a month or less, however Huckabee leads among more frequent churchgoers.  Huckabee also holds a huge lead among Evangelical Christians with Palin in second and Romney a distant third.  Huckabee and Romney are basically even among other Protestants while Romney leads among Catholics.

The numbers for Huckabee and Romney look even stronger when GOP voters were asked which candidate they would least like to see get the nomination. Pawlenty came on top in that category with 28%. Palin was second at 21% while 20% named Gingrich. Romney and Huckabee were in the single digits with 9% and 8% respectively.

Rasmussen Reports is an electronic publishing firm specializing in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information. Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, has been an independent pollster for more than a decade.

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