October 21st, 2009

Rants takes on Google – Vander Plaats Has a Debate with Himself

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

KKoctAre you in need of some information about your candidate’s opponent? Just Rants it! It doesn’t roll of your tongue like “Google it” does, but you get the point.

By now many of you are probably aware that GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Rants has created a new web page called The Archives. Rants’ website says that The Archives, “is a collection of newspaper articles and editorials that pre-date the google. In fact they go back before Al Gore created the internet.”

Is “the google” like the Fonz? I have a hard time keeping up with all of this stuff. Anyway, Rants’ website urges people to check back every week for a new “blast from the past.”

While I’m sure that this new feature will give people within the Branstad camp plenty of heartburn, it’s not like this stuff wasn’t going to see the light of day. I actually think the way that Rants has decided to publish this old news articles on his website is pretty smart. Instead of leaking this stuff to blogs or printing flyers, Rants chose to create a home for it on the internet. He also branded each page with his campaign logo, which will force any Branstad hater who prints it off to show his friends to see where it comes from. Maybe some of those Branstad haters will become Rants supporters. I’m sure that some might perceive The Archives as negative campaigning, but I really don’t see how posting old news articles can be seen as attacking a candidate.

I do think this signals that the old version of Chris Rants is back. Near the end of the legislative session, a kinder, gentler Rants emerged. Now that Terry Branstad is in the race, it looks like Rants might be embracing his old ways as an aggressive no-holds-barred campaigner. If he starts going by Christopher again, then I’ll know I’m right. The Vander Plaats campaign has already called him Chris “Ready, Fire, Aim” Rants in response to Rants’ allegation that Vander Plaats drove Opportunities Unlimited into the ground. It probably won’t be long until the Branstad folks have a name for him too.

What’s interesting thus far is that Rants has been the one candidate who has really gone after his opponents. I’m sure he realizes that he has a record too, and the more aggressive he is, the greater the probability that his opponents will criticize him. The question for Rants is, will he become relevant enough that Vander Plaats or Branstad will need attack him?

Speaking of Vander Plaats, a friend of mine forwarded me an email they received from his campaign yesterday. Here is what it said.

“Several years ago, I was counseled to run for governor by a previous holder of that office, Terry Branstad. Darla and I dined at his home. He hosted meetings and made calls on my behalf. Governor Branstad was very open in his support of my pedigree of preparation as well as my leadership ability and capacity to be governor of Iowa.

Things moved steadily and quickly along in my first foray into elective politics until my independence disappointed those who hoped I would take my marching orders from them. Eight years have clicked by since that time, and I remain more committed than ever to serve Iowa by doing what is right. And, today, those in the top ranks of the party establishment have discovered the one live round in the chamber to recapture their power is none other than former Governor Terry Branstad.

In their minds, the only thing worse than having limited power is having the Republican Party and Iowa elect a leader that owes them nothing.”

I find it odd that his email said that, but his website says this:

“In 2006, the Republican Party of Iowa enthusiastically and overwhelmingly nominated Bob to be their candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Bob was a favored speaker as he traveled Iowa delivering his message of “cause above self” leadership.”

So which is it Bob? Are you the guy that the Republican Party of Iowa enthusiastically and overwhelmingly supported in 2006, or are you the guy who is despised by the party establishment?

To me Bob is kind of like the Windows Operating System. Just when I get used to Windows XP, Windows 7 is slated to come out.

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