May 11th, 2009

Rants Inches Closer to Making Gubernatorial Run Official

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

This weekend Rep. Christopher Rants sent out the following email to fellow legislators letting them all know what many people already suspect, he’s running for Governor.

Below is his email.

Rep. Herschel Krustofski
801 Grand Avenue – 50th Floor
Des Moines, IA 50309

Dear Hershel,

You may have already heard or guessed, but I wanted you to hear it from me what I’ve been up to in the two weeks since session ended.

I’ve put 2,300 miles on my car driving around the state talking to donors and activists about running for Governor.

I’m not making any official announcements or anything like that just yet. I’m taking stock first to see if I can find the support, and if I do, then I’ll let the press know. I have my eyes wide open. Its at least an $8M – $10M endeavor – or $110,000 a week as I like to say… I want to put some money in the bank, and be sure of financial backing before I take a stab at that.

So far it’s been encouraging. I have a series of fundraisers set up, and people who have agreed to help organize and set things up for me. I’ll be on the road this coming week again – back to the east coast of the state. I’ve been posting teasers about what I’m doing on Facebook and Twitter, so if you are curious you can always figure out where I’m traveling by looking there.

In case you are wondering – yes, Trudy and the girls are on board. I think they view this as either way we are all home together be it at Terrace Hill or Sioux City… Trudy and I have been talking about it a while, and once her health issues were resolved we were good to go.

I know this will surprise some folks, but I still have the fire. I thought maybe it had been extinguished last fall, but it was rekindled during my trip to Israel. I’ve actually had more fun and been more excited over the last two weeks than I have been in a long, long time. I think my clerk Jordan described it best when she called her mom during one of our last debates and told her “Christopher is back.”

At some point in time come June I’ll be giving you a call to talk more in depth about the race, share some polling info, etc… but for now, I just wanted you to hear it from me.

In the mean time, I would ask for a specific favor. Would you please let me know of any county meetings or other GOP gatherings in your area? I’m not asking for endorsements. Not yet, anyway. That ask will come if I hear good things from Iowans. Right now I’m looking for opportunities to meet with Republicans around the state to hear their issues, and share with them my thoughts.


While this confirms much of what we already know, it also gives us some new information.

First, Rants’ family supports his run for Governor. This is significant. Without the support of your family, running for Governor would be nearly impossible.

Second, Rants seems to be finished in the State House. “Either way we are all home together be it at Terrace Hill or Sioux City,” Rants writes. Does this mean its Terrace Hill or bust?

Third, Rants is actively raising money and has someone on board to help him. If Rants has one advantage it’s his ability to raise money. He already knows the players and has existing relationships with many of them. While I’m not surprised that he has been meeting with donors, I’m a little surprised that he already has fundraising events set up.

With Rants now with the same footing in the gubernatorial race as Vander Plaats, time is ticking for additional candidates to enter the fray. With Vander Plaats focusing on motivating the grassroots of the party on the issue of marriage and Rants aggressively fundraising, there is no longer a huge void to fill in the Republican primary.

Any candidate who decides to enter the race now will have to fight for the space that these two candidates are already occupying. Oh, I’m sure there is room for that unnamed businessman who treats his employees well and who can raise millions of bucks that Doug Gross is always talking about. But just being associated with Gross could place a stigma of being a moderate on such a candidacy, regardless of whether it is true or not.

It will be interesting to see how the Vander Plaats campaign maneuvers with a new candidate in the race.

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