July 7th, 2009

Pro-Life Update: T-Shirts, Movies & Government Funded Abortions?

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Planned Parenthood Producing Movies?

So, I’m watching TV last night, and I see this commercial for a new horror movie (my favorite genre… not).

It was called “Orphan,” and from the commercial, it looks like it’s about this couple who adopts this orphan who is some kind of evil demon-spawn. Uplifting, I know.

It reminded me of another horror movie I saw commercials for a while back called, “The Unborn,” which from the commercials, looked like it was about some unborn baby who was some kind of evil demon-spawn. Also uplifting.

How freaking bizarre can you get? I really think that Planned Parenthood must be investing in movies. Think of the not so subtle messages here. Kill your baby early and you won’t get stuck with evil demon-spawn.

Pro-Life T-shirt Banned from School

t-shirtA seventh-grade girl in California got in trouble (and was apparently even manhandled) for wearing a pro-life t-shirt to school because school officials said it violated their dress code, which prohibits clothing with “suggestion of tobacco, drug or alcohol use, sexual promiscuity, profanity, vulgarity, or other inappropriate subject matter.” Apparently, conservative values are considered inappropriate subject matter in California.

Seriously? Kids are having oral sex in middle school, and the administration is up in arms over a pro-life t-shirt?

Priorities, people, priorities.

This kid and her mom are suing the moron school administrators, and I hope they kick some serious liberal school administrator ass.

Federally Funded Abortions in Obama’s Health Plan

Iowa Right to Life is warning Iowans about the potential pitfalls contained in Obama’s healthcare plan.

According to IRLC:

The bill, as written, will force tax funded abortions, and private plans to pay for abortions, but what is even worse, it will force us to set up abortion facilities everywhere for what Planned Parenthood calls “ACCESS.”

There are so many levels of evil in this, but first and foremost—abortion is clearly NOT health care and it should not be forced on taxpayers, private insurance or set up in every [nook] and cranny on our dime.
The fact is, if language isn’t written into the congressional bill to forbid a federal mandate for abortions and their access—it will be mandated.

Please help us stop this atrocity by calling Senator Grassley and Senator Harkin.

Call and say: “Hi, my name is……. Please ask Senator…… to do all he can to make sure abortion mandates are excluded from the Health Care Reform bill.”

Senator Grassley: 202.224.3744 or
Senator Harkin: 202.224.3254 or email

For more information on our website:

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