March 19th, 2009

Poll my finger

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Good news came out Tuesday for Republicans. For the first time since, I think 2004, Republicans are favored in the generic congressional ballot. The Rasmussen poll found 41 percent would vote for the Republican candidate while 39 percent would vote for the Democrat.

I know polls are polls and can’t be trusted much, especially this early in the election cycle. But if you only go back 2 months ago, Democrats held a 7 point edge. And if you go back to just days before the 2008 election, Democrats held a 6-7 point lead over Republicans. That is an 8-9 point turnaround in only 2 months. I believe we are seeing the beginning stages of a favorable trend toward Republican, or more specific, conservative ideals.

While I’m on polls, I haven’t blogged on Culver’s weakening poll numbers. He’s also seen his favorability ratings tanking faster than Joaquin Phoenix’s career (he quit acting and turned into a rapper…seriously). In just two months Culver went from a favorability rating of 57 percent to 47 percent. I’m betting it isn’t because he’s mismanaged the floods, the budget, or anything else he has touched. It must be inaccurate polling…right? If only there was some polling for a generic Iowa House or Senate seat. I’d love to see those numbers.

Another poll produced by Rasmussen measured the public’s opinion on if they think Rush Limbaugh is the Republican leader. In the past few weeks, Democrats have been trying to anoint Rush as our de facto leader in their propaganda. A full 81 percent of Republicans don’t think Limbaugh is our party’s leader. On the other side of the aisle, 41 percent of Democrats agree that Rush is not our leader while when looking at those who don’t affiliate with either party, 58 percent think Rush is not our leader.

I think there are two issues of concern here, one for Democrats and one for Republicans. Rush Limbaugh has a bully pulpit like no one else in this nation. What other talk radio show even comes close to the amount of listeners Rush has? As much as the Democrats despise him, Rush is the most influential person in politics who isn’t a politician. They really should let a sleeping dog lie. For Republicans this poll highlights the need for a national leader – preferably one who is running for office or so busy inserting both feet in his mouth we are embarrassed to call him our national chair! I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked who are leader is – even when Bush was president. We simply don’t have one.

And finally, I’ve had a poll on my old blog site for the past few months. I just pulled it since I moved over here to Here is a quick rundown of the results in order of highest vote getter.

In a Republican primary for Governor of Iowa, who would you most likely vote for?

Steve King: 21%

Bob Vander Plaats: 13%

Tom Latham: 11%

Bill Northey: 10%

Dave Vaudt: 10%

Christopher Rants: 9%

Mark Pearson: 8%

Chuck Larson, Jr.: 5%

Matt Whitaker: 4%

Bruce Rastetter 4%

I’m sure the poll has a sampling error of plus or minus about 90 percent, but interesting none the less. Hopefully when we get closer to the primary election, we’ll be able to get another poll posted with updated candidates.

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