May 14th, 2009

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Written by: Constitution Daily

iowarepublicanWe live in a world of over-dramatization led by the 24 hour news sources. We have an attention span of about 15 seconds and without a ticker at the bottom of the screen we fall asleep. Whether it is politics or sports, we’ve come to expect information overload as the norm. I have to admit that I’m a fan of this because my personality drives me to boredom very easily. But there is a major drawback. We begin to crave drama because the normal news is too boring.

This website can serve as a great example. If you look back at any of the author’s articles you will see the ones being critical of or dealing with individuals, not issues, get much more traffic. As a blogger it is almost impossible to ignore this fact. If I write an article on how the Department of Education needs to be abolished to save hundreds of millions of dollars, I may get 200 views. But if that same day I were to write an article on how Republican X failed the conservatives, I could expect over 500 views and 50 comments. I do believe we need to continue to write about candidates and elected officials but we also need to be an educated electorate.

With the Republican Primary Election coming up, we have some major issues to discuss. Do we move toward or away from free market capitalism? How do we get more jobs for our recent graduates? How do we improve education in Iowa? What do we need to do to reestablish marriage between a man and a woman?

The primary election is our time to get our issues out there. And not just in front of Republicans but the entire state of Iowa. Our alternative solutions should be known by all Iowa voters. And I know this website has its limits but we’ve been able to see Krusty make or break candidates for years now – why can’t we make or break issues too? Is it because people only get their political kicks from criticizing politicians not political issues?

Since moving into the minority, we have the upper hand to offer solutions while criticizing bad policy of the Democrats. With Culver, we don’t have to worry about our candidates getting out smarted. But at the same time, we have to offer real, specific solutions. When Democrats talk about labor, our candidates need to talk about tax breaks to incentivize job creation. When they talk about gay rights, our candidates need to talk about family values and traditional marriage. We can’t just be the party of no.

And of course we will always have the conservative verses moderate debate in our own party. By the way, that is just part of being in a group and it is a healthy thing. The Democrats have the same thing going on all the time, too. It only becomes a problem if we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in that internal debate instead of focusing on issues that drive all of us. And if we do that we will be beat…again and again.

So with the gubernatorial race coming up fast, we need to force our candidates to articulate a strong agenda with specific solutions to our state’s problems. If we don’t, we will be giving Culver a free pass to Terrace Hill again. But remember, it is our job to force our candidates to offer the best message to win over Iowans. Sadly, they don’t often do this without our help.

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