June 12th, 2009

Political Sluts

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

The thing that I’ve found more disturbing than Letterman’s comments about the Palin family are some of the comments I’ve seen on national blogs over the last few days.

Not only have some people been supportive of Letterman’s comments, they’ve taken those disgusting words even further.

Why is it that whenever a man disagrees with a woman, he resorts to calling her a slut? No, I’m not just talking about Letterman’s remarks about Alaska’s governor. Some blog commenters have actually resorted to calling the Palin daughters “sluts.”

First, let’s be clear. Is Bristol Palin a virgin? Obviously not. But that doesn’t necessarily make her a slut either. One commenter I saw claimed that the fact that Bristol had had a baby in high school made her a slut.

So, let me get this straight. Bristol Palin gets pregnant and has her baby, and she’s a slut. Any other girl gets pregnant, keeps it a secret, and kills it, and she’s virtuous? What message does that send?

After all, Obama has said he is going to teach his daughters values and moral, but if they make a mistake, he doesn’t want them “punished with a baby.”

Briston Palin had her baby instead of killing it. Does she get help or support from the media? No, she gets mocked and called a slut like her mother.

Oh, and how on earth do you justify calling Sarah a slut? Because she wears (conservative) skirts, high heels, and make-up? Because she doesn’t look like Ellen or Gloria Steinem? That makes her a slut? Because she’s not some Birkenstock wearing, man-hating feminist who could be mistaken for a man?

And who the hell does Letterman think he is talking about women getting “knocked-up” out of wedlock? Last I checked, Letterman himself impregnated his girlfriend while neither of them were married. When they were, like, way old. Bristol Palin was a 17-year-old kid when that happened to her. What’s Dave’s excuse?

Where are the feminists who should be decrying this hateful speech toward women? Oh, that’s right, they’re too busy kissing the asses of John Edwards and Bill Clinton and other men who treat women like total crap. But, hey, so long as those users and abusers keep the paths to the abortion clinics clear for women to kill more of their (female) babies, it’s all good, right?

And speaking of John and Bill, when was the last time anyone called them sluts, because they would actually fit the definition far better than any of the Palins.

The double standard here just slays me. And the people who don’t see it just prove their irrationality.

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