October 27th, 2009

Political Correctness Penetrates the Neutral Zone of College Football

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

Penn state t shirt

Since everyone in this state is football crazy right now, I’ll jump on the bandwagon with a football-related story.

A small but vocal minority of students at Penn State is upset with the t-shirts the University is selling for “white out” games this football season.


Because they say the t-shirts contain a (God forbid) Christian symbol. A cross, to be exact.

penn state helmet2The funny thing is that the resemblance to the cross on the t-shirts was totally inadvertent. Many of the people upset about it admit that fact. The t-shirt design was supposed to mimic the Penn State football helmets, which are very plain with a vertical stripe running from neck to forehead. The designers wanted the shirt to contain a written slogan on the front, which runs horizontally across the chest. Hence, the alleged cross.

So, the people who are upset about this are not content to just refuse to buy the t-shirts themselves, they want them pulled off of store shelves and no longer offered for sale.

The designer of the t-shirt, Stephanie Bennis, is surprised at the flack her design is receiving.

“It’s just sad to see that in this day and age, the most offensive thing on a shirt can be what people see as a religious symbol,” she said.

“Are we going to ban lowercase t’s in the alphabet? Where do you draw the line?”

This is pretty ridiculous. Sadly, it made me flash back to the Iowa Caucus season when Mike Huckabee was accused of planting a subliminal cross in his Christmas ad.

That alleged “cross” was a bookcase.

And yes, that was just as ridiculous. As with most paranoid accusations leveled in Iowa during the caucus season, we can thank the Mitt Romney camp for that one.

The ironic part of that whole situation was that they were accusing Huckabee of trying to sneak a cross into an ad in which he openly talks about “celebrating the birth of Christ” and wishes everyone God’s blessings and a “Merry Christmas” while “Silent Night” plays in the background.

Yep, he was a sneaky one.

To sum it up, the paranoid people of the world need to get back on their meds.

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