July 10th, 2009

Palin Power

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Written by: Constitution Daily

palin1We finally know why Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska. Word is she was having an affair…with Mark Sanford. Sorry – that was pretty lame. I do have to admit I stole it from Bob and Tom.

Anyway, since I hadn’t written about Palin yet and I seem to be about the only one who hasn’t, I thought since it is Friday, what the heck, I’ll dredge up an old topic and offer my take on it. My one phrase reaction to this news, “Sarah, what the hell?”

I know everybody’s asking  if Palin is done now that she’s quit the people of Alaska. I really don’t know about that. We’ve had adulterers get second and third chances. We’ve had crooks and liars win re-election year after year. Heck, even Barney Frank, who owned a gay brothel, is Chairperson of the House Financial Services Committee. So we do tend to give people a second chance.

Her problem is the path to the White House goes through Iowa. Iowans are more loyal and moral than the nation as a whole. We have an older demographic still demanding personal responsibility and sticking to a job until it is done. Our caucus is much more personal than New Hampshire’s primary and as a result it will make Sarah look Iowans in the eye. When we do get the chance to look her in the eye, will we see a quitter or a president?

I think that answer depends on what she does from now until the campaigns start heating up. If she spends time with her family without pushing a conservative agenda, then Iowans will feel she’s let us down. She has enormous clout in conservative circles and to waste that would be a shame in the eyes of our activists.

No matter what she does in the next few months though, she’ll always have a place in politics. She’s a good conservative, very likeable, and extremely attractive. That gives her more positives than Huckabee, Newt, and Romney. She’s also a favorite whipping girl of the press. They won’t let her drift off into obscurity. Without her, they would have to write more stories about Limbaugh or Bush and those are just getting old.

So I say let Sarah come to Iowa and prove herself. She’s got a steeper hill to climb now but I’m betting if she says and does the right things, she’ll still have a great chance to win our caucus.

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