October 21st, 2009

Palin Does Oprah

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Oprah.SarahSo, Sarah Palin is going on Oprah next month to promote her new book.

Just like everything Sarah Palin does, this is either going to be a brilliant move, or it’s going to be a disaster. It’s one or the other.

I’m sure many of you cynics will be shocked to learn that I think that there is a good chance this is actually going to be one of her brilliant moves.

Palin is at her best when she is allowed to be human. That’s when she relates to people. No, like most of us, she doesn’t have an Ivy League education. Like most of us, she tries her best every day to be a good wife and mother. Like most of us, no matter how hard she tries, she still struggles with problems in her family and her career like all of us do.

Of course, the variable factor in all of this is Oprah. Oprah… a devout Obama worshipper, and when she’s not worshipping Obama, she’s a crazy, new-age pagan.

In other words, she really can’t be trusted to be fair (more because of the Obama thing than the pagan thing).

But, Oprah’s not stupid. Most of her viewers have far more in common with Sarah Palin than they do Oprah’s golden boy. Oprah being hostile toward Palin could cause a revolt.

But, there’s always the possibility that Oprah just doesn’t care anymore. There’s always rumors that she’s going to retire from her syndicated TV program. She’s got more money than any one human could ever dream of spending.

She might not care if she upsets some suburban housewives so long as she gets in a few body blows against someone who could be the aforementioned golden boy’s GOP rival in 2012.

But then again, like all public figures, Oprah does have a legacy to consider, and I don’t think this American female icon is going to want to be remembered for doing her best to destroy the first ever female GOP vice presidential candidate.

And let’s face it, just like anything Palin touches these days, you know the ratings are going to be golden.

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Emily Geiger writes from a conservative perspective on everything from politics to religion to pop culture. Like the original Emily of Revolutionary War era, this Emily is delivering important messages crucial to winning the raging war of the time, but today, this is a culture war rather than a traditional one. And, like the original Emily, sometimes it takes a woman to do (or say) that which lesser men lack the courage and tenacity to do.

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