April 1st, 2009

Opposition without Major Reform

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Written by: Constitution Daily

Alright, we finally have some serious public resistance to tax increases and the overall liberal/socialist philosophy of bigger government with more control. One would think last night’s so-called public hearing turned private would make the Democrats think twice about raising our taxes. The problem is, it most likely won’t make them bat an eye.

So what is the next step? Yesterday I wrote about calling for the eradication of our state income tax. I’m still hopeful Minority Leaders Paulsen and McKinley go down that road but if that isn’t in the playbook, what is the next step? Are we going to continue to just oppose tax increases or will we have true leadership in the legislature calling for major reform?

Before you start thinking this is a radical or extreme concept, please take a second to think about what we have today and how we got here.

What we have is a state and country radically overtaxed and overregulated. As I’ve said before, Iowa is last or second to last out of all 50 states in business friendliness. It is harder to make money in Iowa than any other state in the union. So what we have is a climate of extreme taxation and regulation (being last in the nation surely qualifies as extreme).

How did we get here? It is pretty obvious we haven’t had the necessary leadership by those opposed to taxes and regulations – be it either party. We haven’t had any major tax reforms to decrease taxes. Unfortunately we have had major reforms to increase taxes – like the elimination of federal deductibility will soon be. We have been able to oppose some tax increases in previous years but most have eventually passed. So how did we get here? Opposition without major reform. And that can’t be argued.

So what is the next step? You know my proposal is to end the state income tax. What’s yours?

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