November 21st, 2009

One Quick Point: No Need For Socialism When There Is Grace

grace giveaway_opt-1Imagine hundreds of shoppers on black Friday, but instead of paying cash or credit its a free for all.  No its not a nightmare for workers, but a privilege to serve.  This dream is real and an answer to prayer.

Add up those hundreds of moms, dads and families and you get the 2,500 to 3,000 people who walk through the doors this week at Grace Church for their Share What You Wear 3 day outreach event.

We don’t need socialism for a lot or reasons.  One reason is that churches like Grace are mobilizing a few semi trucks full of clothes and a few hundred volunteers to meet the clothing needs of families right in metro. Socialism is government led.  Here the community chips in where needed by choice.  In this example its the church.

The church is doing it because they of course care and love people.  They also can do it because some people have an abundance in which to share.  How can Obama not get that?  Capitalism, character and the cause of generosity serving people in love can do way more than socialism any day of the week.

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