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December 7th, 2009

Oil, are we really running out?

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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funktpBy Dave Funk, Candidate, Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District.

Just a few days ago, The American Thinker Blog posted a brief note by author Russ Vaughn about the science and theory behind the concept of fossil fuels.

Vaughn stated in his blog; “According to [Lawrence] Solomon, there is new evidence to support Russian and Ukrainian geological scientists who are convinced that the time-honored and universally-taught belief that petroleum deposits are derived exclusively from long-dead plants and dinosaurs is about as scientifically sound as the concept of Anthropogenic Global Warming.”

About four years ago I read the book Black Gold, Strangle Hold by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. and Craig R. Smith.  In this book, the authors maintained the same theory.  If it is true that oil is formed from the hydrocarbons released from the Earth’s molten magna core, then we may very well have an endless supply of oil.  It becomes just a technological challenge to drill deep enough to reach it.

Like the recently uncovered “Climate Gate” revelations about manmade Anthropogenic Global Warming, this is an issue we need to rapidly study and determine how we as a nation can adjust our energy policy to one that is led by the adults in America and not environmental zealots.  If we really have a nearly unlimited source of oil and have ignored the science behind it, then it’s another example of how government interference in our economy has slowed our economic growth, artificially increased our energy costs and allowed a massive transfer of wealth out of our country.

This might just be another example of the stupid spending Congress has allowed to happen in this example by our dysfunctional Department of Energy.

Let’s drill here and drill now, restoring America’s energy security and creating what this nation badly needs, American jobs and a positive balance of trade.

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