April 28th, 2009

Obama Scolds Teleprompter – New Yorkers Freak Out Over Air Force One Photo-Op

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

73172144CS003_Presidential_Many people are troubled by President Obama’s dependence on his teleprompter. Yesterday the inevitable happened, either the teleprompter or Obama himself screwed up, making for an embarrassing gaffe for the entire world to see.

While conservatives have had a lot of fun with Obama’s use of the teleprompter, Obama’s use of the device is disturbing. We all know that every speech is drafted and scrutinized by presidential advisors; that is true with every president. However, nobody has needed to be as scripted as President Obama.

Below is the video:Maybe Obama is worried about getting caught off guard like his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was yesterday when he was asked about the Air Force One photo-op over near the Statue of Liberty. Nothing like making people think that another terrorist attack is taking place.

Sorry for my lack of coverage on the gay marriage issue. I just couldn’t force myself to watch the news coverage of the “historic” day. All this really boils down to is having the government endorse their sick and perverted lifestyle. These people have such a low level of self confidence it’s sickening.

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