July 30th, 2009

Obama on a Roll

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger
Obama is not having a good week.

First, his comments about the Harvard professor’s arrest totally overshadow his big press conference on healthcare.

Then, his comments about the Harvard professor’s arrest come back and bite him in the ass when it comes out that no one told the police that anyone breaking into the house in question was black, there was a second officer at the scene who happened to be black who says he would have arrested the professor too, and so the implicit accusation that Obama made about race being involved in this situation looks pretty bogus.

He’s now admitting that there will be no vote on his healthcare plan before August as he had hoped, and there likely will be no vote until at least September or October. Which, is a bad sign. The longer people have to actually read these proposals, the worse it will be for him and his little pet project. And of course, no one knows this better than Obama. He’s explained it all before.

And now, there’s news from Gallup that Obama’s approval numbers are continuing on their steady decline. Shortly after his inauguration, his approval rating was almost 70%, and his disapproval rating was somewhere in the neighborhood of 12%. Now, his approval rating stands at 53% and his disapproval rating is up to 39%.

At the rate he’s going, I don’t see this trend changing.

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