March 26th, 2009

Obama in Bed with AIG

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

So, I know everyone in the mainstream media has taken a vow to only ever talk about U.S. Rep. Steve King in a negative manner, but you have to give the guy credit for being the watchdog of Washington. With that being said, Mr. King had a very interesting press release recently.

Guess which Washington politicians received the most money from AIG, you know, the same AIG that everyone hates for taking bailout money and then giving out millions in executive bonuses?

Coming in first place for the 2008 election year is none other than our dear president, Barack Obama, who took in $104,332 from AIG, which he now claims to despise. But I, for one, totally believe Barack when he tells us that he had no idea that this terrible company was using bailout money to give bonuses to its executives (you know, the guys who donated so much money to him just months before).

Coming in a close second is none other than the guy who added an amendment to the bank bailout bill allowing these huge executive bonuses, Sen. Chris Dodd, who took in $103,900 from AIG. I’m sure Chris didn’t really know what he was doing either, despite the fact that his wife recently served on the board of directors of one of AIG’s subsidiaries, so it was her corporate buddies who benefited from her husband’s convenient amendment.

Why aren’t we seeing this reported in the mainstream media? Obama told Leno that he was appalled with AIG’s bonuses, but we haven’t heard a word about the cash bonuses AIG was giving his campaign just last year.

I guess all that partying at the White House has fuzzied some memories.

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