March 12th, 2009

Obama Doesn’t Even Want to Make the World Safe for THIS Democracy

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Written by: Constitution Daily

So many criticisms – so little time. 


There has been a ton of coverage on the economic crisis and Obama’s sprint toward socialism, and rightfully so. Regardless, I feel that we are not following all the growing threats around the world closely enough.


Just now, as I wrote that paragraph, it sunk in that America really did elect the most radical president ever.  Uh-oh.


Anyway, Barack Hussein Obama is not just radical, but, equally scary – he’s untested.  The President, and those he surrounded himself with, will radically alter America’s standing in this world. And I am safe in assuming that is a bad thing.  Obama’s cohorts are much in favor of ‘international norming.’ This is the odd phenomenon where America becomes more like the rest of the world.  The rest of the world would like that and Obama wants the rest of the world to like us.  International norming is like a group hug with all dictators, thugs, terrorist and rogue nations where we suspend our constitutional rights so we can get down to their level of freedom.  Unfortunately for all of us, Obama will not be voting ‘present’ when these stakes get sky high.


Vice President Joe Biden is not just Obama’s version of a ‘bimbo-eruption,’ he is prone to spasms of complete candor.  Like when he admitted last fall that Obama would be “tested in his first six months.”


Actually, the signs were there well before the election when Russia invaded Georgia. This was the eastern European version of a high school bully knocking around a kindergartner.  John McCain was immediate in his call for Russia to stand down. Obama asked both sides to show restraint.  After five days of equivocation, second-guessing, and out-right double-speak, Obama finally came around to John McCain’s correct conclusion.


But, Joe, it wasn’t six months.  It was six hours.  The day after the election, Russia again flexed its muscle.  Obama blinked. Russia is again thumping its chest over a nuclear Iran.  Obama’s blink has become a nervous tic.  Let’s hope the next test doesn’t bring on a seizure.


Two months in and Obama is proving he is completely unable to handle Russia or any of the other threats that exist in this real world.  Let’s not lose sight of any of these threats while we suffer under Obama’s stimulus, lest they get out of hand.

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