March 10th, 2009

Obama makes decision above pay grade

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Unless you live in a news vacuum you’ve heard BHO (H stands for hope this time) lifted the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. How ironic our president elected on “hope” and “change” chooses to kill all chances of hope for life of the unborn.

I think our fine Congressman Steve King maybe put it best early yesterday:

“I have held babies in my arms who had been frozen embryos for as long as nine years. They giggle, cuddle, laugh, play and love. They are as much a human being as any of us. At the Saddleback Church forum on August 16, 2008, Pastor Rick Warren asked Barack Obama when life begins. Obama answered by stating that the question is ‘above my pay grade.’ Now, President Obama has decided it is no longer above his pay grade, and that there will be no respect for conscientious objections from life-loving, tax-paying Americans.”

Obama and the rest of the liberals in charge have a disdain for the unborn. At every opportunity they chose to kill rather than save the unborn – and they literally cheer when a bill passes to do just that. I will never understand how anyone can be excited about advancing the pro-abortion movement. If Obama hasn’t decided when life begins, why would he choose to error on the side of death?

We don’t know if conducting research on embryos will save a single life but we do know it will kill many.

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