March 30th, 2009

Obama, Culver, N-Bomb, and Federal Deductibility – I have you Covered like a Snuggie!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

obama2Obama Fires CEO of General Motors

Is anyone else alarmed that the President of The United States can basically fire a worker from a private corporation. What type of precedent does this create? I wonder if Obama will fire Acorn workers who count illegal aliens when the census rolls around, or the guy who tries to register Mickey Mouse before the next election. I doubt it.

For all those people who thought George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had too much power, Obama’s power grab dwarfs theirs. Obama has been given a blank check, and unlimited power that now lets him fire private employees. Yikes.

I never read about these type of powers for the Executive Branch when I was in school. I must have missed those chapters….

$40k and All We Got Was a Chet Culver Photo-op

Inside the story about Sen. Jack Hatch dropping a N-Bomb at the state capitol last week was proof that the White House Heath Care Forum was nothing but a $40k photo-op for Chet Culver. Seriously, on Monday, Chet, Hatch, Paula Abdul-Samad, and Comrade Harkin all tell Iowans that they feel their pain, then a day or two later, Iowa Dems gut their own health care bill. Nice.

Speaking of Hatch’s N-Bomb

Do any of you remember when I posted the USSR flag with the letters DCCC under it? DCCC stands for Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Well, at the time, I was chastised by former United States Attorney candidate Gordon Fischer because he thought it was out of line and personally disrespectful to him and his family who immigrated to the United States.

So here’s looking at you Gordo, I’m wondering what you have to say about Jack Hatch.

Federal Deductibility

It’s unbelievable that Culver tells us that now is not the time to raise taxes when he threatens a veto of the gas tax, but then he turns around and supports a $600 million tax increase in eliminating federal deductibility. We all know that he is in need of a massive infusion of money to balance the books, but this guy is all over the place.

If You are Going on the Snuggie Crawl, You Better Wear a Damn Snuggie.

Yeah Grant, I’m talking to you and your friends. Maybe I’m a little upset because you have neglected your blog a little bit, but dude, I bet you never went to a toga party not in costume… Right? I expect more out of you.


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