February 25th, 2009

Obama – Long on Lies, Short on Credibility

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

Well, I suppose since it preempted regular programming on all major networks (including American Idol), President Obama’s speech is probably important enough that I should talk about it this morning.

I didn’t think there were any real surprises. It was all the old campaign promises: we’re gonna do something about healthcare, we’re gonna cut taxes for almost everybody, we’re gonna raise taxes on the top 2% of people, and somehow, that’s gonna pay for porkulus and cut our deficit in half.

It really made me wonder if this guy knows how to use a calculator. I don’t even need a calculator to tell you that those numbers don’t add up.

But since when does the truth stop Obama? I think the Republicans in the chamber actually laughed and some booed when Obama had the audacity to claim that there are no earmarks in the porkulus bill. Republicans count over 9000 earmarks in the porkulus bill, so someone is lying. And unless a mouse habitat in California is going to create tons of jobs, I think that qualifies as ridiculous earmark #1, and Obama is lying to us yet again… and again… and again.

Here’s basically what I got out of the speech (and I paraphrase):

So, we passed this huge spending bill and we’re, like, totally pumped because we just bought a whole bunch of votes that we think are going to help get us Democrats get re-elected. But, we know that our huge spending bill isn’t terribly popular right now (because people are actually thinking about how we’re all gonna have to pay for it later) so we’re gonna distract them by telling them how great I am, I mean, it is, and how we’re gonna give them all sorts of cool stuff sometime down the road when my bureaucracy gets around to it.

So basically, we passed this big bill that no one wanted, and now we’re gonna cram it down your throats and make you feel good about it.

Jindal’s response was adequate. Here’s the thing: Jindal is not a hugely dynamic speaker. But, he’s super-smart and gets things done. He’s the anti-Obama. Barack has style over substance, but Jindal has substance over style. I’ll take the latter, thank you very much. Apparently, the MSNBC anchors feel differently.

It was a great opportunity for Jindal to be seen on a national stage. The best part of his speech was toward the end when he was talking about the differences between Democrats who want government to step in and solve all the problems of the world, and Republicans who want to empower individual people to solve their problems for themselves.

Bottom line: Obama’s delivery was good as expected, but I really think he may have hurt his own credibility by lying to the public so blatantly that even the not-so-bright among us have to realize it.

Now the questions is, do the people upset about the Obama’s lies outnumber the people who are willing to overlook the lies because they want their government handout?

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