May 28th, 2009

Obama – don’t screw this up

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Written by: Constitution Daily

kim_jong-copyA few months ago, before Rush Limbaugh started claiming he wanted Obama to fail, I wrote an article on how I wanted Barack Obama’s policies to fail. From socialism to abortion and everything in between, I had no qualms about wanting Obama to fail. Until now.

Yesterday’s news of North Korea flexing their muscles and testing the Obama administration is nothing to calmly ignore. With a struggling economy all around the world and tension brewing and building in the Middle East, Russia, China, and Korea, we have a possible recipe for disaster. If Obama doesn’t play his cards right, we could very easily end up in a horrible world war against enemies with no conscience or fear.

Obama has spent most of his political career apologizing for America. He’s made trips all around the world kissing the feet of both our allies and potential enemies. He’s never offered a strong, defiant message to the rest of the world – only a repentant message. To Obama and his supporters, enemies of the U.S. can be charmed into allies. Obama believes offering olive branches to countries and dictators like N. Korea and Iran will help deter them from striking their enemies or us. I hope he’s right. History isn’t on his side though.

In a Reuters article yesterday, an unnamed Russian source said of his country’s precautionary plans to get ready for a possible nuclear conflict in eastern Russia, “We are not talking about stepping up military efforts but rather about measures in case a military conflict, perhaps with the use of nuclear weapons, flares up on the Korean Peninsula.”

He said they are not talking about stepping up military efforts but rather other measures? When in Russia’s history have they not stepped up military efforts when the slightest little bit of controversy comes up? What else could he be talking about? Are they stepping up their health care programs or low income housing? I don’t think so. If Russia is concerned, whether it is justified or not, we should be concerned.

You may fault Bush with a lot of things but his foreign policy dealing with countries like Iran and North Korea worked. He was able to halt their nuclear expansion while at the same time fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What is significant about this is Obama and his loyal minions can’t say this is Bush’s fault. Don’t get me wrong, they will still try, but it will fall on deaf ears.

So I will continue to work against Obama and his policies on life, taxes, spending, and other domestic issues but I do wish him well on preventing a nuclear war at the hands of two of the world’s craziest dictators. I just hope he takes his blinders off and realizes he isn’t dealing with sane individuals. Heck – just treat them like Nancy Pelosi and we should come out alright.

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