August 31st, 2009

Obama’s Des Moines Health Care Rally Turns out Thousands!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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If you are like me and were looking for the coverage of Organizing for America’s big health care rally in Des Moines this past Saturday, you are not alone. One would think that President Obama’s political arm would be able to turn-out thousands of supporters while in Iowa, but it’s almost as if the event never happened. After all, Senator Grassley had a crowd of 850 turn out at one of his town hall meeting last week.

So I see that the Des Moines Register must have decided to attack Sen. Grassley instead of reporting on the embarrassing event that President Obama’s campaign tried to organize.

The Register wrote an article about how Sen. Grassley rakes in the contributions to his campaign from the health care industry. What I found so interesting is the Register’s tone, not their findings. Since President Obama’s inauguration, Grassley has emerged as the Republican deal maker in the United States Senate. This should come as no surprise since Grassley holds a key position on the Senate Finance Committee and has a good working relationship with Sen. Max Baucus.

It should come as no surprise that PAC contributions flow into the campaign coffers of people like Baucus and Grassley since they hold an incredible amount of sway in the process. While I have criticized Sen. Grassley on a number of issues, I never once have implied that Iowa’s senior Senator could be persuaded by campaign contributions like the Des Moines Register did today. Grassley’s record speaks for itself on that matter.

Seriously, why no coverage of Saturday’s Organizing for America Rally? The DNC was even doing robo-calls for the event. What gives?

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