May 12th, 2009

New Duffy Cartoon, Protest for Illegals, And Much, Much More!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Iowa Progress Project Reveals New Duffy Cartoon

I think this cartoon is awesome. Since the legislature was able to adjourn on a Sunday morning, they got out of town without the public knowing that all they did was put off our looming budget problems for another year.

Governor Culver and the Democrats used Obama’s stimulus money to balance their budget, but it did nothing except kick the can down the road. Not only will Culver and the Democrats have to deal the FY 2010 budget next year, but whoever wins control of the Iowa House, Senate, and Governorship will have a real mess on their hands.

Protest in Support of the Lawbreakers

I can’t stand the people who are still all in a tizzy over last year’s immigration raids in Postville. People are still upset that the federal government arrested 389 people in the raids. These same people want to prohibit the government from conducting these raids in the future.

What? Not only did the raid find 389 lawbreakers who were in this country illegally, but it also put an end to the horrific working conditions that Agriprocessors was imposing upon some of its workers. We need more raids, not less. We need to go after the slime like Sholom Rubashkin and the people who broke our laws to enter this country illegally.

I was listening to the radio yesterday, and Steve Deace was talking about the Catholic Church and Obama speaking at Notre Dame. He asked how this could happen. Dude, just look at St. Bridget’s Catholic Church in Postville. You would think they would be more up in arms over the gay marriage ruling than a few bus loads of illegals getting busted at a meat packing plant.

Thanks for the H1N1 Scare

When will the American people learn? First it was the looming ice age of the 70’s, then it was acid rain in the 80’s, nothing was wrong for most of the 90’s because ALGORE was Vice President, and then it was Global Warming.

Most recently, thousands of Americans were going to die from the Swine Flu. That simply wasn’t true, but the Swine Flu did have one devastating effect. It hurt the pork industry even though pigs had nothing to do with the so called pandemic…

Crazy Train

So, I see that Culver’s train stunt has already been well covered, but did you hear him talk about how college kids could take the train to school. What the hell, this guy is so out of touch. He needs to get back to the right century. Seriously this is such a stupid idea I can’t believe people are actually supportive of the idea.

The Old Man Still Has It

It’s good to know I’ve still got it. In blog years, I’m like Moses. I’ve been around so long sometimes you wonder if you still have it. Well, it looks like my little post of Rants’ letter to his Iowa House collogues was news worthy. For as much as the news media bags on bloggers for repackaging their work, they get plenty of leads from us.

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